The Mars Hill Church Job Description

Here it is, from the site of the search firm running the search:

The Vanderbloemen Search Group is thrilled to partner with the leadership of Mars Hill Bible Church to find a full-time Teaching Pastor to join their community in Grandville, Michigan.

With the transition of founding pastor Rob Bell this January, Mars Hill is seeking a full-time teaching pastor to join in the ongoing mission and program of Mars Hill. This person will teach 35 – 40 weekends per year and work collaboratively with the Ministry Leadership Team. The Teaching Pastor will engage actively with the Mars Hill community and participate fully in the ministry of Mars Hill.

The Teaching Pastor will be an exceptionally compelling, creative communicator of the Scriptures in ways that eliminate hurdles to Christ all the while challenging the thinking of the community. Mars Hill embraces a conversational, expository style of teaching that embraces historical context, and careful explanation of the original languages in a style that engages questions.

West Michigan and the Grand Rapids area is known for its philanthropy, strong community values and as an ideal place to raise a family with great schools and neighborhoods with a low cost of housing and living. Additionally, with access to many arts, festivals, restaurants, area skiing and snowboarding as well as the gorgeous Lake Michigan beaches, there are many activities during all four seasons to enjoy.

via Mars Hill Bible Church | Vanderbloemen Search Group.

Tom Arthur: Denominations Are Like Multi-Site Churches

Tom Arthur, pastor of a small UMC church, is “haunted” by the foreclosure of the Crystal Cathedral. They weren’t diversified enough, he posits, and he wonders how many mega-churches are. He also wonders how his church compares to Mars Hill:

But what if I thought about comparing the West Michigan Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church to Willow Creek? Or how about just the Lansing District of the West Michigan Annual Conference? Suddenly the perspective changes. Now we’re talking about a church with fifty-two campuses in the greater Lansing area and some seriously well-trained campus pastors, and while the conference and district are in decline and losing members and attendance every year, it’s highly unlikely that they will have such a dramatic disappearing act as a megachurch like the Crystal Cathedral. We’re way too diversified for that.

via Duke Divinity Call & Response Blog | Faith & Leadership | Tom Arthur: Ego cathedral.

Mars Hill Church Recants

Mark Driscoll’s Mars Hill Church in Seattle has publicly apologized for sending a cease-and-desist letter to a church named Mars Hill in Sacramento, California:

When cases like this arise in the business world, it’s customary for a law office to send a notice asking the other organization to adjust their branding to differentiate it. This is commonly referred to as a cease and desist letter. On September 27, 2011, our legal counsel sent such a letter to these three Mars Hill churches requesting that they change their logo and name. In hindsight, we realize now that the way we went about raising our concerns, while acceptable in the business world, is not the way we should deal with fellow Christians. On Friday we spoke with the pastor of Mars Hill in Sacramento to apologize for the way we went about this. We had a very productive conversation and look forward to continuing that conversation in the days and weeks ahead. [READ THE REST]

But if you find this case interesting — and troubling — please see the comments on my earlier post.  There, you will find some humorous comments, some intrepid googlers who found very old Mars Hills, and, most interesting to me, the guy who planted another Watermark, before Watermark (who says that they looked everywhere to make sure there was no other church named Watermark before they named their church Watermark).