Why Michele Failed

Bachmann at the Iowa straw poll on Aug. 13 (Andrea Melendez/The Register)

At the Des Moines Register, a withering look at the failed presidential bid of Michele Bachmann, including nine reasons she failed. Here’s one:

1. Supporter cards remain shelved

At the straw poll, about 6,000 Iowans filled out Bachmann supporter cards with their contact information, an invaluable resource for galvanizing a base of activist caucusgoers.

But the trail went cold for eight weeks when the supporter cards sat in limbo at the national headquarters, said Kent Sorenson, her Iowa chairman until the last week of the campaign.

Rumblings of staff turnover, in both the state and national ranks, simmered after the straw poll. The national campaign aides demanded the cards be shipped to the D.C. office — an unspoken attempt to keep them from disappearing into another campaign.

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Buh-Bye Bachmann


Turns out a million-watt smile doesn't win Iowa.

With Pawlenty gone, and Bachmann (reportedly) leaving the race today, yet two more Minnesota also-rans.  Our presidential victories match our number of Super Bowl victories.

Bachmann reportedly cancels South Carolina trip, will call press conference

By Devin Henry | Published Wed, Jan 4 2012 7:27 am

DES MOINES, Iowa — Michele Bachmann has reportedly cancelled her string of campaign stops in South Carolina and will hold a 10 a.m. press conference in Des Moines.

Bachmann finished a distant sixth in last night’s Iowa caucuses, a disappointing finish for a native Iowan who had staked the prospects of her presidential campaign on a strong showing in the state. During the last days of campaigning, she repeatedly told reporters that she would travel to South Carolina despite the Iowa caucus results and in a speech to supporters last night, she indicated she would continue her presidential bid.

“There are many more chapters to be written in our party’s path to the nomination,” she said.

Mitt Romney won the Iowa caucuses by eight votes over Rick Santorum.

via MinnPost – Devin Henry: Bachmann reportedly cancels South Carolina trip, will call press conference.

The Funny Thing about Michele Bachmann and Jonathan

Bachmann as Jonathan with the armor bearer from 1st Samuel. (MinnPost photo illustration by Corey Anderson)

As reported by Eric Black at MinnPost, Michele Bachmann recently used a speech to make an extended analogy between herself and the biblical character, Jonathan.  Black writes,

Please, let me hasten to reiterate. I am not saying that Bachmann suffers from a literal delusion that she is the biblical Jonathan. Only that she is inspired by Jonathan and believes that, if the American people will play the role of Jonathan’s very trusting armor bearer, and will make her president, and will put their unquestioning faith in her, she can lead them to great victories over their problems of today, just as Jonathan led the Israelites over the Philistines in the second millennium BCE.

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Iowa Needs to Get Over Itself

Well, it seems that Michele Bachmann has added another flub to her long list of flubs.  What did she do, you ask, that so irked Iowa voters?  Did she say that gay persons were dropped on their heads as babies?  Did she admit that President Obama is a Christian?  Did she cast aspersions on Jonnie Marbles’s aim?

No, she did something far more egregious: Michele Bachmann ate breakfast at the wrong diner!

Joe Kimball reports at MinnPost that Bachmann spurned a long-standing tradition tradition when, instead of breaking her fast at the Hamburg Inn, she chose to eat at the Bluebird Diner in Iowa City.

Shocking, I know!

You see, every presidential candidate eats at the Hamburg — that’s just how it goes. Reagan did, Clinton did, and dozens of others have as well.

The Bluebird Diner in Iowa City (MinnPost photo by Joe Kmball)

To add to Iowans’ horror, the Hamburg Inn is an old-school, wood-paneled greasy spoon that serves up good ol’ eggs and hasbrowns — I presume it gets its foodstuffs from the back of a Sysco truck.  Whereas the Bluebird Diner is, wait for it, a hipster joint that advertises it’s locally-sourced food.

Kimball reports,

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