Will Rick Run?

My fellow Minnesotans, Tim Pawlenty and Michelle Bachmann, are keenly interested in the question about whether Rick Perry will throw his hair hat in the ring.  So, it seems, are evangelical voters.

“And while Bachmann has been on a hot streak since the first candidate’s debate, Christian Right leaders continue to be far less willing to embrace her (or Sarah Palin, for that matter) than the rank-and-file or more secular politicos. Is that sexism at work? Possibly. Maybe even probably. But geography is an important factor as well. Many Christian Right leaders think the GOP primary schedule favors a Southern candidate. And southern Minnesota does not count.” [READ THE REST]


UPDATE: God Urges Rick Perry Not To Run

Micharah Bachlin and Evolution

At MinnPost, scientist and humanist Shawn Otto writes about the far-reaching consequences of an evolution-denier like Micharah Bachlin* running for president.  He writes that many creationists, like Bachlin, agree with “natural selection,” but deny the broader concept of evolution.  But in do this, they’re mistaken:

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