What Is Home?

That’s the question that my friend, Lily Percy, asked me in the On Being studio this weekend. I was hanging out at On Being as part of the amazing Northern Spark Festival that takes place annually in the Twin Cities. It’s an overnight affair with hundreds of artists and over 50,000 participants. I was there to see the Ragamala Dance Company perform their “Sacred Earth” dance, which I found totally mezmerizing.

The On Being recording studio was also open, and Lily was asking people a question about “Home.” They called it an “Audio Selfie.” Here’s my answer. Here’s Jay Bakker’s — his is a lot different than mine. You can find a lot more on that page.

Thanks, Lily!

Marriage Equality and a Day of Celebration


Last night, Courtney and I were on hand to help our dear friend, Jay Bakker, launch the new Minneapolis site of Revolution Church.  You can hear Jay’s inaugural sermon, “Vulgar Grace Throws the First Stone.”

The photo above is a detail shot by Courtney of the rainbow communion bread that we contributed to the service. We baked that loaf — the same loaf that Courtney baked with our friends Rachel and Rachet for our (sacramental) wedding — in support of marriage equality. Jay has been an outspoken proponent of marriage equality and has performed several same-sex weddings. When he broke the bread last night, Jay told us to remember not just the broken body of Jesus, but also the broken bodies and spirits of many GLBT persons who have been persecuted for their non-heterosexuality.

Today, Jay and Courtney and I and several other friends will be going to St. Paul to hold vigil as the Minnesota Senate debates and votes on a bill opening marriage in our state to same-gendered couples. It is expected to pass easily (my senator has already emailed me to assure me that she will be voting for its passage), and to be signed into law by Governor Mark Dayton tomorrow.

Our gay and lesbian friends will be able to marry in Minnesota beginning on August 1.

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Should This Be Illegal?

I encourage you to take 15 minutes out of your day and watch this video.  It’s the wedding video of a gay couple who were “married” this summer in Minneapolis.* (If you need proof that these are Minnesotans of Scandinavian ancestry, hang till the dancing at the end. That’ll prove it to you.)  If you suffer from the “Ick Factor” when same-gendered persons kiss, this will push some buttons for you.

I’m NOT asking you to consider if this is biblical or unbiblical.  I’m asking you to consider whether it is good public policy to outlaw this:

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Announcing the JoPa Summer Institute on Life & Ministry

Doug and I are collecting an outstanding array of faculty — including Stina Busman, Carla Barnhill, Greg Boyd, Andy Root, and Russell Rathbun — to present short courses on all sorts of subjects — from the God of the Old Testament to organic gardening — at our JoPa Summer Institute on Life & Ministry.  It’ll happen this July 19-23 in Minneapolis, and we hope that you’ll consider joining us.

Go to the Institute page for more information and to register.