Mossgate Is the Legacy of Free Agency

"I'm just not that into you, Minnesota," says wide receiver Randy Moss

The coverage of Randy Moss’s exit from the Minnesota Vikings after just four games overshadowed all news here in the Twin Cities last night, getting top coverage over today’s election and the San Francisco Giants historic World Series victory.  Minnesota fans are up-in-arms, with 80% of the 13K voters on a StarTribune poll saying that head coach Brad Childress should be fired immediately for waiving Moss.

Moss’s sin seems to have been that he just wasn’t that into us — “us” being Minnesota.  He lollygagged on plays, he didn’t practice hard, he stuck to himself in the locker room, and, when given the chance, he ebulliently praised his former teammates and coaches from the New England Patriots — the very team that, not coincidentally, had vanquished the Vikings just moments before.

Moss is, in the words of WCCO-4’s Mark Rosen, “The most self-centered athlete I’ve ever covered,” a fact that was well known by the Vikings when they signed him a month ago.

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