Homoerotic Churches

There’s been a lot of talk so far this year about the church and mixed martial arts (MMA).  The New York Times had a story in February, “Flock Is Now a Fight Team in Some Ministries,” which read, in part,

Recruitment efforts at the churches, which are predominantly white, involve fight night television viewing parties and lecture series that use ultimate fighting to explain how Christ fought for what he believed in. Other ministers go further, hosting or participating in live events.

The goal, these pastors say, is to inject some machismo into their ministries — and into the image of Jesus — in the hope of making Christianity more appealing. “Compassion and love — we agree with all that stuff, too,” said Brandon Beals, 37, the lead pastor at Canyon Creek Church outside of Seattle. “But what led me to find Christ was that Jesus was a fighter.”

My former friend, Mark Driscoll — he who calls out “effeminate worship leaders” — has gotten into the act, too, saying in a video, “I don’t think there’s anything purer than two guys in a cage.”

With all this talk about MMA in the church, does anyone else see what I do: MMA is the most homoerotic sport I’ve ever seen.

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