Lay Your Sins on the E-Scapegoat!

We all want our sins atoned, right? On the eve of Yom Kippur, this is one of the coolest things I’ve seen. You can lay your sins on this escapegoat and then watch as your sins are sent out to Azazel, and pushed off the cliff:

Is God Hospitable? The Amalekites Didn’t Think So

The residents of Jericho probably didn't think Yahweh was very hospitable (The Taking of Jericho, c. 1896-1902, by James Jacques Joseph Tissot; image in the public domain)

Hospitality is a key virtue in the emerging and missional church movements, as I’ve even argued in my latest book.  In some ways, it is an understandable response to the perceived inhospitality of the late-20th century church.  The conservative/evangelical church is seen as inhospitable for its exclusivistic theology.  And the mainline/liturgical church is considered inhospitable for its anachronistic practices and rites.  While each claims to be “seeker sensitive,” both, it can be argued, are relatively inhospitable.

That’s led me to consider if God is actually hospitable — it would seem harder to justify hospitality as a key virtue of our churches, if God isn’t setting the precedent.

The first place to look is the Old Testament, aka, the Hebrew scriptures.

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