Ordain Thyself Released for iOS7!

After a lot of hard work by our developer, we have relaunched the Ordain Thyself App for iOS7. Find out more about the app on OrdainThyself.com, or download it from the App Store.

I Am Pope! #IAmPope

Pope Tony I

As of today, there’s no sitting pope. As the uber-Protestant,* I cheer this developement.

So let’s fill in the gap.

You can become the pope! Just download the OrdainThyself app on your iPhone, iPod, iPad, or Droid, choose “Catholic Pope,” take a picture of yourself (or your baby, cat, hamster, local barista), and post it! Tag your post on Twitter with the #IAmPope hashtag, and I’ll collect the images and share them here.

C’mon, let’s embrace the priesthood of all believers! Become the pope today!

*That’s a self-chosen title. I realize that I am the most Protestant person I’ve ever met, with all of the strengths and weaknesses that entails. Even my appreciation of Catholic and Orthodox liturgies and rituals does not disqualify me from being The Uber-Protestant!

A Little Pushback on Ordain Thyself

I was interviewed this afternoon on AM800 CJAD talk radio in Montreal. One of the hosts liked my app, Ordain Thyself. Another did not.

Listen to the interview here.

Ordain Thyself Makes CNN

Best part of the article is that they found a guy from Liberty University who doesn’t like the app (though there’s no indication that he’s even seen it):

Ordination on the go? There’s an app for that!

By Laura Koran, CNN

(CNN) – Ever wondered what it would be like to become ordained as a priest, rabbi or imam?

If you have an iPhone, you could be just a few screen swipes away from finding out.

That’s because Tony Jones, theologian-in-residence at Solomon’s Porch in Minneapolis, Minnesota, has developed an application, or “app,” that allows iPhone users to experience mock ordinations in more than two dozen faiths.  Solomon’s Porch is a Christian ministry that began as a local church and today calls itself a “holistic, Christian, missionary, community.”

The app, called Ordain Thyself, doesn’t confer any legitimate religious credentials to its users, but it does allow iPhone owners to see what they would look like wearing the religious garb of different clerics, and read a brief and humorous overview of various world religions.

Jones, himself an ordained minister, decided to create the app partly to combat what he sees as an inability of faith leaders to laugh about themselves and their religions.

The app is advertised as an entertainment product, but Jones hopes users will learn more about the world’s religions when they play around with it, a goal Johnnie Moore finds dubious.

“That’s a little stretch,” Moore, a vice president of Liberty University, told the Belief Blog, adding that the app contributes in many ways to the stereotyping of belief systems.

“I kind of wish that all of this effort had been put into something a little more educational,” Moore added, saying that Americans could really benefit from efforts to better understand world religions.

via Ordination on the go? There’s an app for that! – CNN Belief Blog – CNN.com Blogs.