Peter Rollins Will (Not) Challenge Your Faith

Peter Rollins’s new book has dropped. Here’s how my endorsement reads on Amazon:

“Caveat emptor. Let the reader, the Christian, the skeptic beware, for with The Idolatry of God, Peter Rollins has taken his theological program of turning everything we believe upside down to the next level. Not content to simply subvert how we believe, Rollins now turns his attention to what we believe. If you don’t want your faith challenged, don’t read this book.” (Tony Jones, author of A Better Atonement )

But here’s how it reads on the back of the actual book:

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What Would Peter Rollins Say? [Caption Contest]

Tonight, the esteemed philosopher-theologian Peter Rollins will be at our house, and he’ll be answering the door and giving out candy to trick-or-treaters in our nice, suburban neighborhood.

But, what do you think that Pete will say to those impressionable children?

Best caption wins a book.

Watch a Pentecostal TV Preacher Get His Žižek On [VIDEO]

Watch this clip and tell me if you’ve ever seen/heard a Pentecostal TV preacher who sounds so much like Peter Rollins. Then tell me which phrase got his show canceled. I’m guessing “the negation of the negation.”

Free E-Book on Church Leadership

David Lose of Luther Seminary has curated a new ebook on church leadership. It’s called Renew 52: 50+ Ideas to Revitalize Your Congregation from Leaders Under 50. I contributed a chapter, as did Lillian Daniel, Nadia Bolz-Weber, Bruce Reyes-Chow, Peter Rollins, and many others. You should grab this book for yourself. Seriously. I mean, it’s free!

Here’s a snippet from my chapter,”LEARN FROM FACEBOOK: IMPLEMENT CONSTANT, INCREMENTAL CHANGE,” [Read more…]