Mating Habits of the North American Hipster [VIDEO]

This poem, by Neil Hilborn, was the only poem to ear a perfect score at this summer’s Rustbelt Festival. Hilarious:

What If the Cross Set God Free?

I’m away from the blog this week, and I’ve asked my friends to fill in. This is a poem by my dear friend, Michael Toy.

wonderful plans

god loves you and
has a wonderful plan
for your life
it is helpful, when
saying that
to be illuminated
from above
or have just finished
transmuting wine

otherwise it just
sounds stupid
when one looks
at the many things
which are not wonderful

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The Nest [POEM]

With twists and turns she builds the nest;
it’s perched above her ear,
and coiled so tight, a snake at rest,
explode barrettes in fear.

Its genesis we can surmise:
a sultry Texas day;
With hair so dense, she thought it wise
to tuck it up, away.

Cascading down, it now enjoys
its well-deserved release,
Enveloping me slyly —
is this a tent of peace?

No. When the nest does come undone,
the trouble just begins.
I see Eve’s eyes beneath that hair,
and join her in her sins.

The Impotence of Proofreading

Having just finished a book (have I told you that, yet?), I keep getting told by people about mistakes in the manuscript. Then I was directed to this gem by Taylor Mali, a poet whom Chris Seay first told me about years ago.