When the Lion (KKK) Lays Down the the Lamb (NAACP)

The leadership of the NAACP Casper branch speaks with John Abarr, far r., a kleagle of the United Klans of America in Great Falls, Mont. The gathering took place under heavy security at the Parkway Plaza Hotel in Capser, Wyo. (Alan Rogers/ Casper Star-Tribune/ AP Photo)

Here’s a small sign of the eschatological promise:

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Here’s the Controversial Audio

Remember the “racist” kerfuffle, in which I was accused of excluding minority voices for saying at a conference, “We have a better version of the gospel than the regnant version in the West”?

Many of you asked for the audio of that talk so that you could decide for yourself whether I was being exclusionary, and whether my theology is, as the accompanying image screamed, for “Whites Only.”

Well, now you can listen to it:

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The Paradoxical Lesson of Paula Deen’s Language (for Tony Jones)


You’ve heard from my friend and rabbi, Joseph Edelheit, before. He’s in Brazil at the moment, and he’s been thinking about Paula Deen, Edward Snowden, and the contentious posts on this blog. He sent this piece and the above photo, unsolicited, and I post them here, unedited, for your consideration. This post may strike some as inflammatory, so I hope that you will keep your comments civil.

When we find out that someone in popular culture uses language, no matter whether in private or public, that is “outrageous” the response is immediate! Paula Deen’s popularity cannot save her from the swift judgment of corporate America. Her tears and explanations, even her plea taken from Christian scripture: let anyone who has not used words that are hurtful and unacceptable throw a stone at me! The “N-word” has become a recognized act of self-destruction even as the Supreme Court hands down legal discourse that seems to soften decades of legislation that set the standards of racial redress.

Paula Deen is gone, but the Supreme Court might have opened the door for Voter IDs? It might be worth taking a few weeks to consider whether our immediate repugnance of this oh-so Southern gal whose food and cooking masks her denial of diabetes and the much more dangerous institutional racism that was just nullified by the Supreme Court. Paula Deen used the “N-word” — shame on her; meanwhile, the majority of the Supreme Court gave permission to known racist state legislators to create new mechanisms to deny anyone the right to vote. The problem is we cannot cancel the Supreme Court’s television programs or their corporate sponsorships, so maybe Paula Deen is our collective sacrifice of shame?

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“That’s Racist” – Now a Term of Endearment!

So, I wrote last week about being called a (borderline) racist at Fuller Seminary because I questioned the sophistication of burgeoning Pentecostalism in the Global South.  Well, I was happy to discover yesterday, via NPR, that saying “That’s Racist!” has gone from a serious accusation to a commonplace quip.

Check out Neta Ulaby’s report:

Fourteen-year-old Gus Rachels and his friends use it to call out people overly sensitive to race issues. Regina N. Bradley, who teaches classes in African American literature at Florida State University, says she thinks kids are using “that’s racist,” to establish that they’re not — but even the college students she teaches get confused about the difference between race and race issues. Saying “that’s racist” is sometimes a way to get out of difficult discussions about race, she says — which is still a sensitive topic.

Audio Here.