Bad Theology Triggers My Gag Reflex

Thabiti Anyabwile, a Cayman pastor and board member of the Gospel Coalition, has got everyone’s undies in a bunch with his hamfisted post saying that if you find anal sex gross, that must be the Holy Spirit. He then goes on to give his army marching orders to describe gay sex in disgusting terms as often as possible, in order to fight the gay lobby. (He seems to think that describing sex is a turn off; I think most people experience it as a turn on.)

It’s a terrible post, which shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. Nevertheless, the progressive theoblogosphere is PISSED! For example:

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Some (Honestly) Bad Reformed Theology Defending Hierarchies

C. Michael Patton literally has John Calvin looking over his shoulder.

One thing I like about C. Michael Patton is that he’s honest. He will write what many Reformed proponents think, but are reluctant to publicly affirm. Like, for instance, his post from earlier this month in which he posits that the Trinity is a hierarchy: God is on top, Christ is in the middle, and the Holy Spirit is on the bottom.

This is heresy, friends, albeit a widely popular heresy.

Patton writes:

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There’s No Theology Like Reformed Theology

This amazing ad came in the “Dollars and Sense” mailer last week. Comments very welcome.

Around the Horn

First Base: Collin Hansen and I have begun a dialog on our two books and two movement (if you don’t know, Collin is part of the “young, restless, Reformed” crowd).

Second Base: Scot has a guest blogger?  Yes!  RJS is blogging through Tim Keller’s book.

Third Base: Jenell Paris inveighs on gender in emergent.

Home Plate: The Democratic race thus far, in 7 minutes.