My “Minor Classic” on Spiritual Disciplines (for 99¢!)

Of the books I’ve written, two seem to have the most staying power.  One is Postmodern Youth Ministry, my first book, which has managed to stay on many syllabi for the last decade.

The other is The Sacred Way: Spiritual Practices for Everyday Life.  I get more appreciative comments on this book than any I’ve written. It’s sold at Renovaré events. And it seems to have some staying power.  While it doesn’t sell like a Richard Foster or Dallas Willard book, it is persistent.

Now, with the cooperation of Zondervan, you can pick up The Sacred Way for 99¢ for this week only.

See below for the Table of Contents and an excerpt, if you want to get a feel for it.

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On Uniting Heart and Mind

This sponsored post is part of the Patheos Book Club on Richard Foster’s new book, Sanctuary of the Soul: Journey into Meditative Prayer.  This edition of the book club also includes some video responses from the author.

One of my dearest friends, Mark Scandrette, was in town earlier this week.  Mark is, dare I say it, the Richard Foster of my generation and tribe of Christianity.  He’s a guru of spiritual formation, as seen in his new book — though, I must say, Mark’s got a much more urban edge than the spiritual formation gurus of the past generation.

Anyway, Mark and I spent most of Monday catching up, talking about our lives and our careers.  By the end of the day, Mark challenged me to start writing more personally, about what has gone on in my life lately, about how I’ve gotten through it.

The last few years have been, in short, rife with struggle.  Divorce, foreclosure, custody battles, financial troubles have all confronted me.  There’s also been new love, new friendships, and new opportunities.  I won’t be writing about the details of these things, but Mark thinks I should write about what has happened to my soul during these times.

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