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With Whom Should the Intersexed Have Sex? Even More on the Complexity of Gender

Seriously, this stuff is a mind-bender for me.  It changes everything, really.  Why?  Because it’s the exceptions into which the norms need to fit to make them “norms.”  The doctrine of imago dei, the hallmark of which is so often misconstrued as rationality must take into account the human being with Down Syndrome.  Is that human being, lacking the reasoning facilities of other human beings, also created in the image of God?  Of course.

And, so, when dictating with whom a person can and not have sex, we simply must deal with the gender ambiguity that afflicts many of our fellow human beings.

Zoe Brain writes,

I’m Intersexed. It’s not particularly rare. 1 in 60 people have
minor Intersex conditions, though it would take a laboratory test to
determine that.

About 1 in 1000 have an Intersex condition that’s obvious.

I have one of the rarest and most spectacular ones.

In the country of my birth, I would only be allowed to marry another
woman – because homosexual marriage is strongly forbidden, and there
I’m legally male. Even though my passport says “female” based on my
anatomy – and despite my chromosomes, which are usually (though not
always) found only in men.

In the country where I live, I could only marry a man, because there
I’m legally female, and homosexual marriage is strongly forbidden. It
took many thousands of dollars worth of MRIs, gene tests, Ultrasounds
of my pelvis etc to determine that I was more female than male, but
that diagnosis is definitive.

I REALLY wish Fundamentalist Christians would MAKE UP THEIR MIND as
to who it is I’m supposed to have sex with. They all say it’s obvious,
but they differ as to what the answer is.

Me, I try to follow Isaiah 56:4-5. 1 Corinthians 13 too. It can be
difficult maintaining a charitable attitude when no matter what I do,
or fail to do, I’m supposed to be condemned to perdition for it.

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More on the Complexity of Gender

Here’s a comment string from the last post that might be interesting…

Confused and Hurting Sinner writes,

most of the previous comments seem somewhat educated albeit cold
& clincal. To me the elephant in the room that everyone seemed to
ignore is a person that is transgender or no discernible gender is
still a feeling, loving, human even if not treated like one by society.
They are not a tree, rock or animal. they want to be cared about &
cherished by God & others the same as everyone else. try to put
yourself in there place. you are born you basically look like other
children in most aspects its just your diaper fits differently &
your emotions & thoughts don’t line up with your peers maybe you
don’t care on the outside or maybe you show it but either way it scars.
you have to live your whole existence fitting no where. even the every
day thing of need a restroom presents real & painful challenges.
now cliches about rocks & trees because that doesn’t matter one
iota to this person all they want to know is can they have friends,
dreams, ambitions, & a relationship with God. if your this person
do you want to hear theological mumbojumbo or existential theoretical
ramblings? or do you just want to here your loved, cared about, &
valued?? think on that please & contemptible what you would want to
here & try to respond to others the same way because you never know
who your talking to.

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The Complexity of Gender

It seems to me that the same people who take the stance that the Bible has a plain meaning in all cases also seem to assume that human sexuality is a pretty simple manner. 

  • There are men and there are women.
  • Men are attracted to women and women are attracted to men.
  • Any variance from that is an abnormality.

Watch the video below the jump, then let’s talk…

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