Fight Back Against Facebook

Dear Readers Who Use Facebook (AKA, Dear All Readers),

Facebook highly encouraged all of us who have some kind of public following to switch from a Profile (aka, Timeline), to a Page. In fact, capping the friend limit at 5,000 made it virtually required.

So I migrated my Profile to a Page, and I’ve encouraged numerous other authors to do the same (Jay Bakker, Phyllis Tickle, Andrew Marin, Nadia Bolz-Weber). We lost all of our Facebook history — every update, comments, and image. But that’s no biggie, because now we can communicate with even more people.

But then Facebook did what it does: changed the rules in order to make more money. Now, if you’ve liked my page, there’s only about a one-in-five chance that you’ll see any of my posts. Look at what it shows me, as an admin, at the bottom of each post:

Why the notice? Because Facebook wants me to PAY CASH MONEY to get my posts to show up in the newsfeed of the users who’ve like the page. In other words, you’ve like the page, but Facebook is keeping the updates from you.

However, there is a way to fight back! [Read more…]

Follow Summer Camp Live

I’m spending this week as the Head Counselor at Summer Camp — that is, Social Phonics Summer Camp.  You can follow us all week at the Twitter hashtag #SPSC.  The feed is embedded below the fold:

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Another Great Boot Camp

Been super busy this week.  I’m also taking a bit of a breather on the blog as I’m going to be amping up my blogging significantly beginning on June 1.

But I did want to drop a shout-out to the great folks in Minnesota and Indiana who attended Social Phonics Boot Camps yesterday and today.  Below are a couple images of the day, from the incomparable Courtney Perry.  We’ve added five Coaches to the Social Phonics team, and we’re booking Boot Camps for Fall 2011 and Winter 2012, so please drop me a line if you’d like to host one.

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Are You Protecting Yourself Online?

Over at Social Phonics, we put up five posts this week — they were sent to us by an anonymous hacker who’d like church folks to better protect themselves online.  I’m pretty up on this stuff, and I learned something in every one of these posts.  I encourage you to check them out:

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