God Compares the Soul to Four Things

Today’s entry in Incandescence:

God compares the soul to four things:
You taste as sweet as grapes.
Your fragrance is as intoxicating as balsam.
Your radiance is like the brightness of the sun.
And you’re the maturity of my most sublime love.
The soul always follows a rare and excellent path, and she draws the senses after her in joyful obedience.

-Mechthild of Magdeburg
“The Flowing Light of the Godhead”

Twelve Days of Spiritual Growth

Silly songs be damned, there’s a great opportunity to work on our spiritual formation during the Christmas Feast, from today through epiphany.  Chris Erdman is a pastor, oblate, and author whose “chief interest is in helping contemporary Christians and spiritual seekers to recover the relevance and simplicity of ancient Christian spiritual practices for modern life.”

He’s decided to return the twelve days between Christmas and Epiphany into a spiritual journey.  He’s writing short meditations that you can find on his blog, or have emailed to you each day.  Yesterday, he previewed the series, writing,

The Twelve Days, December 25-January 5, are the true Christmas, the Christmas not of preparation for a single holiday, but of opening our hearts increasingly to the Absolute, the Ultimate, the Eternal Light of God.

And he launches the series today.

If you’re looking for a great way to recenter yourself during this holy-day season, Chris’s meditations are a great place to start.