Almost Christian: Parents Matter Most

I’m blogging through Kenda Creasy Dean’s new book, a theological follow up to Christian Smith’s Soul Searching. I hope you’ll join me. Find all the posts here.

Kenda begins Part Three, “Cultivating Consequential Faith” of Almost Christian, with chapter six, “Parents Matter Most: The Art of Translation.”  Here, Kenda takes a bit of a turn, into the neo-liberal world of theologians like Hans Frei and George Lindbeck.  This is particularly interesting to me because it is territory that I know well.  I wrote extensively in defense of this line of thinking in my first book, and I have since retreated a bit from that position.

In short, Frei and Lindbeck and me, and now Kenda Dean, argue that a incumbent to Christian catechism and formation is a language that is unique to Christianity.  But before Kenda gets to that, she emphasizes what every youth pastor knows and what the NYSR reported conclusively:

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