Steve Jobs, Beauty, and the Church

Earlier this week, before we learned of the death of Steve Jobs, someone I hadn’t seen for many years saw my laptop and said, “I remember when you used to brag about not using Apple products.”

“Yeah,” I replied, “Then I saw the light.

It’s true, I used to joke about how I was the only person in the emerging church movement who didn’t have a Mac.  I used Dells and Gateways, and I had a Verizon flip phone.  My standard line was, “A computer is a tool, not a piece of art.”  That always got laughs, and sometime even applause from the PC people in the crowd.

But then along came the iPhone.  It could do so, so much more than any other phone.  And it did it beautifully and easily.  It made what I did with it — business — enjoyable.

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