Penal Substitution Dies on the Reservation

I’ve been to Taizé twice, in France. Occasionally, Taizé goes on the road, as it did last weekend, to South Dakota. More specifically, the gathering was on Red Shirt Table, on the Pine Ridge Reservation, just miles from where I lived the summers of 1994, 95, and 96, in Manderson. I would have loved to participate, being that the gathering was a marriage of two of my favorite places in the world. But, alas, Taizé is not for me. It’s specifically for people under 35 — which I’m not — or faith leaders who were leading groups of people under 35 — which I’m also not.

Jason Micheli (subscribe to his blog!), however, is. He led a group of folks from his church in Virginia to SoDak last week, and, at my request, he sent this report:

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If I Were Under 35…

…I’d be going to this: a Taizé experience in South Dakota. I’ve been to Taizé (in France) twice, and both trips were spiritual watersheds for me. Occasionally, the brothers of Taizé take the show on the road, and this Memorial Day weekend, they’ll be holding a gathering on the Pine Ridge Reservation, where I lived for three summers in the 1990’s.

I would go on this in a heartbeat, but they are quite clear that it is exclusively for 18-35 year olds, and I very much respect Taizé’s commitment to this age group.

If any of you goes, I’d love to have you guest blog about your experience here at Theoblogy.

Here’s some info:

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