Did Jesus Die on a Chocolate Cross?

I’m no pietist, as many readers will know.  In fact, my local newspaper once ran a story about me being installed as a pastor at Colonial Church titled, “The Irreverent Reverend.”  However, some things cross the line even for me.

I’ve been avoiding shopping at Target to stand in solidarity with Lady Gaga.  No, actually, I was avoiding Target before Gaga, but for the same reasons.  Well, now I have another reason to avoid Target, because last night, in a moment of weakness, I stopped by for some various and sundries.  My second mistake was walking through the Easter section (my Beloved was jonesing for a Cadbury Egg).  And there I saw this:

I get kitchy Jesus.  I get the Buddy Christ.  That’s because I get irony.  But I’m pretty sure that neither Russell Stover nor Target get irony.  I’m pretty sure that they’re selling a chocolate cross without any sense of irony.