Get My Latest Book for 99 Cents!

Paraclete Press is having an awesome sale for a limited time: You can get my book, The Teaching of the Twelve, plus other Paraclete titles by Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove, Jon Sweeney, Scot McKnight, and Peter Rollins for $.99 on the Kindle.

If you don’t have a Kindle, no worries!  You can download the Kindle App on your computer or smartphone and read the book there.  Of course, you can also buy a Kindle for as little as $114 — I was given one as a gift, and I love it!

Below the fold, you can see a short video about my book:

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The Didache DVD Is Here!

I arrived home from sparkhouse yesterday to find a happy package on my doorstep.  The DVD I shot with Paraclete Press earlier in the year had arrived: The Faith and Practice of the Earliest Christians: a DVD Study on the Didache with Tony Jones.  It turned out great, IMHO.  It’s a six-session video curriculum aimed at adult learning communities and Sunday schools, but I imagine it will also be used by high school and college ministries.

It’s a companion to my book, The Teaching of the Twelve: Believing and Practicing the Primitive Christianity of the Ancient Didache Community (a book that, I must say, has been very well received by those who have read it).

The DVD is now on sale at Paraclete’s website.  And you can get a taste in the video below.

If you lead small groups and the like, I encourage you to consider using this book and video in tandem.  I think it will provoke a lot of great discussion about the nature of the Christian faith and how our faith was practiced in the very earliest church.

And watch this space — on Monday I’ll ask some Didache trivia and give out complementary copies of the DVD here, on Twitter, and on Facebook.

Didache Video

Here’s a trailer for the forthcoming DVD that Paraclete Press made with me.  It’ll be a small group resource to be used in my book, The Teaching of the Twelve.

Two New Reviews

A couple new reviews of The Teaching of the Twelve were posted this week.  The first, by Wes Ellis, is positive.  Wes particularly likes the modern translation of the Didache that we’ve provided, and calls that the best chapter of the book.  He goes on to write,

How does this fit in with Jones’ other works?

This question only needs to be asked because Jones usually writes about the Emerging Church and he usually stays away from such involved studies of ancient texts. So why does he care about the Didache? Jones says himself that “it represents a lost version of Christianity, and one that many of us long to get back to” (page 121 from the Epilogue). Jones, in all of his endeavors, is on the lookout for not only a fresh perspective but also for a way of getting back to the roots of the Church and he seems to have found both in this ancient forgotten text and in the community call the Cymbrogi.

For anyone interested in the Didache, this is a great read.

The second, by Bob Hyatt, is less positive.

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