Helpful Books for Church Leaders

Today I begin teaching an online course for Andover-Newton Theological School called, “Pastoral Uses of Social Media.”  In the course, we’re learning about social media and its ministry uses, but we’re also learning about how social media has been a game-changer as far as being a leader in our culture.

To that end, I’ve assigned four books in the course, each of which has a lot to say about the way that organizations (like churches and ministries) need to organize themselves for the future.  The fact is, you can invest all you want in social media in order to advance the mission of your church, but if you don’t understand how the social web has changed how people relate to one another, then you might as well stick with mailers.

Each of these books has key insights about what’s going on right now, and I highly recommend them all.

The four books are:
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Teaching as Self-Formation

I’m teaching a D.Min. cohort at my alma mater, Fuller Theological Seminary, starting a year from now.  In advance of that, I’m going to post occasionally for The Burner Blog at Fuller’s Lowell W. Berry Center for Lifelong Learning.  My first post is up,

In The Courage to Teach, Parker Palmer writes,

“The subjects we teach are as large and complex as life, so our knowledge of them is always flawed and partial.”

That’s especially true when the subject is Christian spirituality and the teacher is me.

In fact, though I feel woefully inadequate to teach the spirituality of our faith to others, there’s nothing I’d rather teach. And that’s because the very subject itself is going to force me to examine the patterns of spirituality in my own life, to read books that I’ve not yet read — and re-read books that I’ve not yet fully absorbed — and to dive more deeply into the life of the Spirit.

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