Because You’ve Been Asking for a Reality Show Starring Ed Young, Jr.

What do you give the man who has everything? His own reality show!

Forget Duck Dynasty. The Texas Mega-Pastor, Ed Young, Jr., is poised to have his own show. He’s got everything else, so why not? Written by my friend, Christopher Wynn, for FD Lux (part of the Dallas Morning News):

Welcome to the heightened reality that is life with the Youngs. Go ahead and compare them to a Christianized version of a certain other well-funded, camera-friendly family: the Kardashians. It is unavoidable — especially when you learn the Youngs are in talks to star in their own reality show. Last month, an L.A. producer pitched the project to A&E; meetings with other networks are scheduled. “We have not signed anything,” says Ed, stylish in a gray-and-plaid reversible shirt. Ed’s youthful appearance, at 52, aided by his constantly changing hair color and hairstyle, have made him a target for cosmetic-surgery chatter online. (He says he has tried only Botox.)

The Youngs have been approached repeatedly over the years to do a show, and they feel comfortable enough with this producer and the production company to consider it — cautiously. The show’s angle is how the family says it lives out a message of God’s love. (Bonus ratings if there are any train wrecks along the way.) “If we would have some sort of guidance over editing” of the footage, Ed says, sounding both savvy and naive, “I don’t mind showing anybody anything.”

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Rick Perry Is Making Me Cynical

Okay, I was already cynical.  But Texas Governor Rick Perry’s prayer rally, “The Response: A Call to Prayer for a Nation in Crisis,” which takes place today in Houston, is making me more cynical.  The Dallas Morning News reports,

Gov. Rick Perry’s prayer rally is expected to draw thousands of protesters Saturday, including Muslims, Jews and even some Christians who say the evangelical event is exclusionary and inappropriate and Perry is overstepping the bounds of his office by hosting it.

And, they continue,

Protesters, including a group of 50 local religious leaders who signed a letter expressing concern earlier this week, are calling the meeting exclusionary and disrespectful of the separation of church and state. One of the sponsors, the American Family Association, has been criticized by civil rights groups for promoting anti-homosexual and anti-Islamic positions on the roughly 200 radio stations it operates.

And yet, Perry’s rally, regardless of its size and in spite of the fact that it seems like a clear breach of the separation of church and state for an elected official to use his bully pulpit to promote a particular religion — in spite of this, Perry’s rally will gets tons of attention today, and be on every newscast tonight.

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Highlights from the Emerging Christianity Event in Fort Worth

On the same weekend that the “Outlaw Preachers” were gathering in Memphis, I was part of a very different conference in Fort Worth, Texas.  Held on the campus of Brite Divinity School (at Texas Christian University), we didn’t have nearly as many tweets at Emerging Christianity, but we did have a big room full of folks who are very interested in the Emergence of Christianity in the 21st century.  In fact, the president of the divinity school introduced the event by saying that there’s no question he’s asked more often than, “What’s the deal with the emerging church?”, a comment that jibes with Brian McLaren’s post that the talk of the ECM’s demise may be a bit premature.

The conference was organized by my friends at Life in the Trinity Ministry in Dallas.  Here are my highlights of the various talks:

Brian McLaren opened on Friday night with thoughts from his latest book, talking in particular about the various gospels that are presented to us at this point in history.  Given the six different gospels from which we have to choose, Brian said, how about we choose the one that will establish love and peace as fundamental to our faith?

I then gave some dispatches from the landscape of the emergent movement.

And Richard Rohr closed the evening with a talk in which he reflected on what he’d heard from Brian and me; particularly interesting was his take on the emergence of the Catholic church in past historical periods.

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Emerging Christianity Conference in Dallas, December 3-4

I’d love to have you join me at this!

Join three days of lively conversation about the “emerging” future of Christianity and non-dualism, a foundational belief of emerging Christians throughout the world.

Featured Speakers

Richard Rohr

Suzanne Stabile

Tony Jones

Phyllis Tickle

Brian McLaren

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