Who Is @EmergentDudeBro?

Late last week, I received a phone call from one of the original authors of the EmergentDudeBro Twitter account. More on that below.

Unlike Facebook, Twitter affords anonymity for those who want it. It’s baked into the cake of Twitter, and, in principle, I don’t mind that. Of course, when anonymity is allowed, people will say things that they would not otherwise say.

Because of Twitter’s anonymity, there are innumerable fake (aka “parody”) Twitter accounts. There’ve been fake accounts about me, my friends, and my theological sparring partners for a while now. The account referenced above is one that sprang up a couple weeks ago, and it uses a photo of me, taken by my spouse, in its profile.

My rule of thumb is to block fake Twitter accounts, just like I block Twitter accounts that write unkind things about me. And let me make my reasons for this clear with an analogy: I have made a menu on my television satellite box. It shows the channels I want to see, but it blocks porn, home shopping channels, FOX News, TBN, and others. I have no desire to silence FOX News or TBN — they have a right to access to the public airwaves, and they can pay to be on the satellite. But I have no desire to scroll through those channels when I’m looking at what’s on television.

It’s similar with Twitter. I’m not asking people to stop criticizing me on Twitter or to stop making fun of me on Twitter. That’s fine. But I’m just not that interested in seeing it, especially the mean-spirited stuff. I really like Twitter, and I use it to communicate with lots of my friends.

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Jana Has Tweeted the Whole Bible

As of today, the indefatigable Jana Riess has tweeted the entire Bible, a chapter per day:

Today’s the last day of my Twible project, which I can scarcely believe. When I first started this in 2009, I was daunted to discover that there are 1,189 chapters of the Bible. (Did we know this?) That meant 1,189 days of my life doled out in tweets.

But [kairos] time flies, so this week finds me putting the finishing touches on the trippy Book of Revelation:

#Twible Rev 19: Time for the Wedding Supper of the Lamb. (Just so we’re clear, lamb is not what’s on the menu. It’s kind of a metaphor.)

#Twible Rev 20: Satan’s bound for 1,000 years, then hurled into the Lake of Fire & Brimstone for 24/7 torment. Talk about your just deserts.

Kudos, Jana!!!

#RickWarrenTips Explained

Look, Rick Warren stopped following me on Twitter long ago. So I stopped following him right back. Nevertheless, some people I follow occasionally retweet his pithy, axiomatic Christian tweets. He seems to be a Twitter proverb generator.

So, here’s something he posted recently:

And now, he’s a meme.

Just scroll though his tweets to see him dispensing similar advice. It’s (unintentionally) hilarious.

But the meme is even funnier. See the new Twitter account @cantexplainhere here and click on Favorites for the keys tweets.

Top Tweets of 2012 (by RTs)

1. “The opposite of poverty is not wealth. The opposite of both poverty and wealth is community.” -Jürgen #Moltmann 10 Apr 12

2. If only the church could shut down unsuccessful programs quickly and without regret like Apple did with Ping and Google did with Wave. 1 Oct 12

3. Legally recognize Westboro Baptist Church as a hate group. wh.gov/RI5h 16 Dec 12

4. “My hosanna has passed through a great furnace of doubts.” -Fyodor Dostoevsky 17 Oct 12

5. “The church is not a doctrine or a system or an institution, but an organism of truth an love.” -Alexis Khomiakov (1804-1860) 18 Oct 12

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