Theology Is Sexy

Travis Reed, impressario of all things video at Work of the People, caught up with Anthony Smith and me (and a brief cameo from Courtney) at the Wild Goose Festival.  As an added bonus, Reverend Vince Anderson can be hear crooning in the background (Travis caught us on our way to hear Vince and Pete Rollins co-conspire.)

The video is below the fold, and there are lots of other great, spontaneous videos from the festival at TWOTP’s Alter Video Magazine.

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The Wild Goose Festival: The Music

I didn’t catch a ton of the music last weekend at the Wild Goose Festival, but I made sure to hear Jennifer Knapp, whom I’d known in her previous life as a “Christian” singer-songwriter.  She is now out as a lesbian, and her career is more about mainstream music.  She said from the stage that she no longer writes songs about faith, but she definitely talks about it — at least at a Christian festival.  She even recorded an “It Gets Better” video from the stage, with the help of the crowd (it doesn’t seem that her version of the video is yet online).

Jenifer Knapp at the Wild Goose Festival (photo by Courtney Perry)

I missed Over the Rhine, much to my disappointment, because I was hosting a Patheos Happy Hour at our RV.  I heard Derek Webb and David Wilcox from a distance.

Reverend Vince Anderson at the Wild Goose Festival (photo by Courtney Perry)

I fell in love with Reverend Vince Anderson‘s amazing ability to stir a crowd into a frenzy at one moment and have people in tears the next. As I wrote on Monday, he brought a power to the final(?) edition of the Church Basement Roadshow that we’d never seen.

David Bazan at the Wild Goose Festival (photo by Courtney Perry)

But my one will-not-miss performance was by David Bazan, whom I captured on the video below.  Bazan may have been the best theologian at the Wild Goose Festival.

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The Wild Goose Festival: The Talks

This is another in a series of reports on Wild Goose, which happened last weekend.

In general, I thought that the quality of talks at the Goose was incredibly high.  Like, as high as the old Emergent/YS Conventions and Christianity21, which to this point have been the events of our tribe that have had the best quality and quantity of talks and discussions.

I was a speaker host, so I spent much of Friday and Saturday running around, introducing speakers, and hearing bits and pieces of talks.  I missed some that I really wanted to hear.  But I caught some that I hadn’t expected to.  Here’s what I saw and heard in talks: [Read more…]

The Wild Goose Festival: Gratitudes

This week, I’m going to be posting on different aspects of the Wild Goose Festival, which was, from my perpective, an overwhelmingly successful gathering.  Truly, I cannot imagine that it could have gone much better than it did, and I’m proud to have been a volunteer at the first Goose.

I’ve got lots to say, so I’ll address different aspects of the festival, like the music, the talks, sexuality, and even some of my friendly suggestions to make the festival better next year.

But to begin, I want to post my thanksgivings:

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