Wendell Berry Speaks Out on Same Sex Marriage

Wendell Berry is one of the most beloved authors in America today. He also happens to be a Christian author. Thus, he particularly loved by the hipster evangelical set (think Q, Catalyst, and the like). We’ll see how long that last, now that he has followed Brian McLaren and clarified his views on gay marriage:

Wendell Berry

If it can be argued that homosexual marriage is not reproductive and is therefore unnatural and should be forbidden on that account, must we not argue that childless marriages are unnatural and should be annulled?

One may find the sexual practices of homosexuals to be unattractive or displeasing and therefore unnatural, but anything that can be done in that line by homosexuals can be done and is done by heterosexuals. Do we need a legal remedy for this? Would conservative Christians like a small government bureau to inspect, approve and certify their sexual behavior? Would they like a colorful tattoo verifying government approval on the rumps of lawfully copulating parties? We have the technology, after all, to monitor everybody’s sexual behavior, but so far as I can see so eager an interest in other people’s private intimacy is either prurient or totalitarian or both.

The oddest of the strategies to condemn and isolate homosexuals is to propose that homosexual marriage is opposed to and a threat to heterosexual marriage, as if the marriage market is about to be cornered and monopolized by homosexuals. If this is not industrial capitalist paranoia, it at least follows the pattern of industrial capitalist competitiveness. We must destroy the competition. If somebody else wants what you’ve got, from money to marriage, you must not hesitate to use the government – small of course – to keep them from getting it.

And they continue to speak out, one by one, Christian leaders in favor of marriage equality. Friends, we’re seeing a civil rights movement take place, in pixels, right before our eyes. He goes on with some even more pointed words, for gays and for Christians:

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