Why I’m Not…a Mormon

Yes, there are several unreasonable — even unsavory — aspects to orthodox Christianity.  On a regular basis, we eat a ritualistic meal that we pretend it flesh and blood.  We venerate a symbol of torture and the death penalty.  Maybe I’ve just been acclimated to those parts of my faith.  I’m sure that to a non-believer, they seem just as weird as the weirdness of Mormonism.

But to me, Mormonism reaches a different level of weirdness, and it’s one that I just can’t abide.

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Why I’m Not…an Atheist

Following up on yesterday’s post, I’m starting an occasional series called “Why I’m Not…” Here’s the first installment.

I have a lot of doubts about God, even about the existence of God. I am blessed, and cursed, with a highly rationalistic faith. I’ve written here before about my doubts, and I even expressed them in a sideways manner at Fuller Seminary this winter, in a way that got me in some hot water.

This week, I’ve read a thoughtful post at The Dish about epistemic humility, of which I have long been a proponent.

And the USA Today ran a profile on physicist/theologian/priest John Polkinghorne:

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