Watch a Pentecostal TV Preacher Get His Žižek On [VIDEO]

Watch this clip and tell me if you’ve ever seen/heard a Pentecostal TV preacher who sounds so much like Peter Rollins. Then tell me which phrase got his show canceled. I’m guessing “the negation of the negation.”

Is “Life of Brian” an Anti-Christian Film? [VIDEO]

I’ve never thought so. I’ve always thought it an incredibly incisive satire of church and especially of theological education.

In this BBC video from 1979, John Cleese and Michael Palin go nose-to-nose with some clerics, defending the movie. Decide for yourself, but I think that the guy in the pink robe with the huge pectoral cross might be doing even more to make Jesus look silly than the film. And don’t skip the end, in which John Cleese talks about his own journey in the church.

Lenten Meditations

This week, The 40 Day Journey, a Lenten video blog by Patheos, will feature a video by me each day. They were filmed in the north woods of Minnesota, and they’re each about 90 seconds long. The first one is below. I hope you’ll visit The 40 Day Journey each day this week to see the rest.

Lauren Winner on Doubt, Prayer, and the Eucharist [VIDEO]

In part two of my interview with Lauren Winner about her book, Still: Notes on a Mid-Faith Crisis,, we talk about faith, agnosticism, prayer, and why Lauren pursued became an Episcopal priest.