7QT: Time-travel, Esperanto, Dinosaurs, and Other Oddly Expressed Dreams

tiny cow

--- 1 --- First things first: the song of the week--- 2 --- Elsewhere in science news, I really enjoyed this article about lizards who find their way home by a still unknown mechanism (especially all the weird ways scientists have tried to rule out various answers) Then the researchers created caps with pieces of Ping-Pong ball, and attached them with surgical glue and cork as a cushion, to the heads of the anoles to interfere with polarized light that might reach an organ in the brain … [Read more...]

7QT: How Composing, Covers, and Costumes Work


--- 1 --- Hi folks!  Did you want to read a novella-length article on how software development works?  I thought you might!I enjoyed the heck out of Paul Ford's "What is Code?" for Bloomberg Businessweek (and it's one of only a couple articles I can think of that makes excellent use of being on the web--letting you play around with little snippets of example code, animations, etc).  I'd say check it out and see if you wind up enjoying it!(Because I have a little background on this, I'm n … [Read more...]

7QT: Not Breathing, Not Marrying, and Opening Beers With Your Teeth


--- 1 --- So, remember how I mentioned that the last question at my book talk in DC was about transhumanism?  Well, here's a particularly amusing body augmentation: If you're a rugby player, you're going to take a lot of hits — and you might even lose a tooth or two. Rather than replace those lost incisors with regular old implants, athletes might consider something more useful — a steel tooth that doubles as a bottle opener. --- 2 --- Speaking of impressive new bodily powers, I liked this Na … [Read more...]

7QT: Strange Shakespeare and Hallucinogenic Honey


--- 1 --- We already had roses and a cat in contention, but I think Pedro may win for best picture with my new book, Arriving At Amen: Seven Catholic Prayers That Even I Can Offer so far.  He took this at a Brazilian Congressional hearing that he was speaking at.I'd love to see more action shots from readers -- if you don't have access to a Congress for photoshoots, why not conquer Luxembourg or something, to get a better backdrop.Or come to one of my upcoming book talks in DC, NYC, … [Read more...]

7QT: Avengers, Revengers, and Re-stagers


--- 1 --- Guess where I was last night?After the movie, a couple girls asked to take a picture with me and then said, "Are you a student at Georgetown, too?""Nope!" I said, "I'm an adult!"And this is what adults do:--- 2 --- In other fictional universe news, I tend to recommend Diane Duane's Young Wizard series fairly often on this blog (well, at least books 1-6 in the series), so I thought I should tip you all off that Duane is doing a special, half-price sale of the … [Read more...]

7QT: Matched! (Donations, Fiancé(e)s, and Symmetries)


--- 1 --- Here's a heads up -- the women who write at A Queer Calling are running a GoFundMe to raise money to train a service dog for Sarah (who has fast-progressing Meniere's Disease).  I think some of you read their writings on hospitality, affection, vocation etc, so you may want to help them out.I gave to their fundraiser and then matched the donation with one to Against Malaria -- GiveWell's top ranked charity, so that the need of people I already know and care for can be a spur to gi … [Read more...]

7QT: Saturn’s Rings, Visiting Nurses, and Tests for the Nearly Dead


--- 1 --- I've got a special weakness for clever methodology, and I loved this set up from an article on near death experiences (the protocol was informed by the frequency of NDE people reporting being near the ceiling looking down): All involved placing some stimulus—a picture or a symbol on, say, a piece of paper or an electronic display—in a high location, visible only if you were floating near the ceiling. The research designers did their best to make sure that nobody—not the doctors or nur … [Read more...]