7 Quick Takes (10/14/11)

DC Rollergirls Season 6 Bout 1, 10/09/2011.

--- 1 --- I've been blogging here at Patheos for a week now, and these are my first quick takes in situ, so it seems appropos to give you all a little more of a sense of who I am outside this blog. This is probably as good a sum-up of my life as you can get: I had a lot of trouble explaining all the rules of roller derby to my language tutor since it was only my third week of ASL classes.P.S. The derby match this week was wonderful.  --- 2 --- Of course, you've all been … [Read more...]

7 Quick Takes (9/30/11)

--- 1 ---I finally wrote the long promised reply to "Soup Nazi Approach to Sex" and "Sexual Responsibility and Culpability."  So here's hoping that the new post, "Worlds We're Not Having Sex In" helps clear up why I want to make it hard for men to opt out of responsibilities to a child they fathered.One thing's for sure, I'm pretty sure all the posts in this sexual ethics series earned the "I am a fuddy duddy" tag I assigned them.  Now, on to the Takes!  --- 2 --- I hope all … [Read more...]

7 Quick Takes (9/23/11)

--1-- Sorry to be late on my post on gender-disparity of choice in parenting (a follow-up to "A Soup Nazi Approach to Sex" and "Sexual Responsibility and Culpability").  I've had a busier week at work and in the evening than I anticipated.  I promise you'll have it by Saturday.  Can I make it up to you all by letting you know that licking skulls is a frequently used field test among physical anthropologists?No foolin'. --2-- In another case of counter-intuitive methods of inference, John C … [Read more...]

7 Quick Science Takes (9/9/11)

--1-- Yesterday I ran a post on science fiction and philosophy and the next one coming up is going to be on the distinction between science fiction and fantasy.  So let's make this a science-themed edition of quick-takes (as if I needed an excuse).But before we move off sci-fi entirely, I want to link to a post on this topic by John C. Wright, an atheist-to-Catholic convert and Nebula nominee for his scifi writing.  When it first ran, the essay was titled "Aliens Need Christ's Redemption, T … [Read more...]

7 Quick Vid Takes (9/2/11)

--1-- Last week: literature and language, this week: YouTube clips.  (And the process of clearing out my Quick Takes link list carries on apace).  No explicit theme, but I suppose you could play stereotypical-Leah-interests bingo, or something.(Fractal geometry is the FREE space on this bingo board, natch). --2-- If advertisements for malls were usually this charming, maybe I wouldn't regard them as a blight on civilization.  One English mall shows 100 years of fashion (and dance moves) in … [Read more...]

7 Quick Lit Takes (8/19/11)

If you're coming here from Conversion Diary, you may be interested in yesterday's post "Checking My Biases" which is a direct response to Jen's "First You Must Be Willing To Lose it All" post. --1-- I've been a little delinquent about posting 7 Quick Takes for the past few weeks, so I've picked a topic I know I can get excited about and it's time to clear out my cache of literature and language related links.And in fun offline book news, I found a sci-fi book club in DC!  I'll be reading … [Read more...]

7 Quick Potters (7/15/11)

Before I start the Quick Takes, I have to announce the next stage of my Ideological Turing Test -- a challenge for individual Christians and Atheists to see how well they understand each other.  This past week, Christians and atheists both answered questions about Christianity and the atheists tried to are trying to imitate Christian respondents well enough to blend in with them.  Now, you can be the judge.  Read through the responses and vote on whether you think each entry was written by a sinc … [Read more...]