7 Quick Takes (9/14/12)

--- 1 --- When I get overbooked and miss a week of Quick Takes, I get enough of a backlog for seven gloriously nerdy links.  Let's start with the pyrotechnics and build from there, shall we? Via io9 [which is throwing an error, so try this link], science photographer Richard Roscoe wanted to figure out what would happen if a human (or a grotesque hobbit) fell into lava.  Would they sink right through or burn on top of the molten rock?  You could spend time thrashing this out with a … [Read more...]

7 Quick Takes (8/31/12)

--- 1 --- The Paralympics are happening, and interesting links abound!  First up, this promotional video for the Games: The BBC has a good rundown of the differences between the Olympics and the Paralympics, including some explanations of how some sports are modified.  For example: One of the most important aids to the blind swimmer is the tapper. Standing at each end of the pool is a person holding a long pole with a soft circular ball on the end. As the swimmer approaches they are … [Read more...]

7 Quick Takes (8/24/12)

--- 1 --- No theme this week, just a number of excellent links I've not gotten around to posting when I was striving for coherency.  If you've ever gotten lost in early Church history or if you just love awesome things, you should read this story from Swarthmore about students who invented a sect to trick their history professor (and then he turned the tables!).   Here's a teaser: Our plot thickened: We introduced a Sherkite scholar—E.R. Englehardt, actually a classmate’s uncle in … [Read more...]