7 Quick Takes (7/23/10)

--1-- The universe has seen fit to give me an excellent birthday present this year.  On Wednesday, I discovered this video of my new favorite machine in the whole world: a train that lays its own tracks!  I am a total eight-year-old boy when it comes to big noisy machines.  Pity the person who got stuck behind me on a narrow escalator the other day.  The escalator next to ours was being repaired, so I stopped walking and hung halfway over the rail trying to get a good look at the guts of the esc … [Read more...]

7 Quick Takes (7/16/10)

--1-- Hello, visitors from Jen's Conversion Diary!  If you'd like a quick introduction to this blog, you may want to check out yesterday's post giving a preview of upcoming topics inspired by back and forth with the commenters.  Soon to come: why God is not like a hurricane!  Why morality is kind of like a hypercube!  Hope you stick around for the discussion. --2--I've got a new opinion piece up on the Huffington Post today titled "The Only Law of Facebook is Fatwa" on the strange evo … [Read more...]

7 Quick Takes (7/9/10)

--1-- I have a new piece up at The Huffington Post titled "A Tale of Phrenologists and Predatory Lenders"  One preview quote from the piece: When is a product so harmful that it ought not be sold at all? When is a product so noxious that we can conclude that no one would freely choose to buy it if s/he was fully informed? Go on over and check it out! --2-- My debate with Justin Martyr concluded this week, but, unsurprisingly, we still have a lot we disagree about!  He has a new post up a … [Read more...]

7 Quick Takes (7/2/10)

--1-- My debate with Justin Martyr of The Faith Heuristic is drawing to a close.  His rebuttal to my opening statement is up here.  My final post in this series will be up by Sunday.  (This post will be sponsored by antibiotics and the friendly staff of Washington DC's walk-in medical clinic.  Thanks for getting me back on my feet guys!). --2--An interesting development following the ouster of Austrailian PM Kevin Rudd: his successor Julia Gillard is an atheist! Interesting that the way a … [Read more...]

7 Quick Takes (6/25/10)

--1-- My debate with Justin Martyr of The Faith Heuristic rages on.  His replies to my rebuttal are posted here and here.  My opening statement for the second half of the debate will be up sometime this weekend. --2-- Daylight Atheism has an excellent debunking up of some of Lee Strobel's claims about near death experiences from The Case for a Creator.  The post goes back through the study he cites with a fine toothed comb. --3-- I'm always a fan of Eve Tushnet, and her column for Inside Cat … [Read more...]

7 Quick Takes (6/18/10)

--1-- First things first: I'm very excited to announce that I will be debating Justin of The Faith Heuristic on the merits of evidence for the existence of God. His first salvo is up today, and I'll be responding this weekend. Justin always has an open challenge for atheist debaters. You can check out some of his previous debates and future topics here. --2--And speaking of evidence, Iamanatheist.com has a great post up that asks us to apply the standards of testimony that apply to … [Read more...]

Seven Quick Takes (6/11/10)

  --1--   Today, I'm moving to Washington DC for my summer internship and the packing and preparations for said trip are the reason the blog's been dark this week (and probably next as well). After my first week on the job, though, I'll be starting regular posts, beginning with a discussion of C.S. Lewis's Mere Christianity (the first apologetic work I ever read).--2--  And speaking of the move, I'm still trying to attend Mass every week, so I'd be grateful for any … [Read more...]