7 Quick Takes (6/10/11)

--1-- It's been a very active commenting week here, which is exciting, but a little frustrating to me, since I'm packing/organizing in preparation for my DC move, and it limits my ability to respond as much as I'd like.  Happily, commenters are frequently picking up the slack.  When I asked a question about Christian epistemology (inspired by a Yudkowsky post), Matt Shafer, Brian Green, and Kevin all graciously offered explanations of their beliefs and answered some questions.  T … [Read more...]

7 Quick Takes (6/3/11)

--1-- I had the privilege of guestblogging at Daylight Atheism last week (all posts available here), so I'd like to kick off this week's Seven Quick Takes by featuring a recent post by Adam, the creator of Daylight Atheism.  In "The Logic of Genocide" he asked penetrating questions about the kinds of rationalizations apologists in the mold of William Lane Craig use to justify Old Testament slaughter.  They rarely allow these explanations to be applied in any other cir … [Read more...]

7 Quick Takes (5/27/11)

--1-- This week, I've been guestblogging at Daylight Atheism about when, if ever, mockery and ridicule is a productive part of interfaith debate.  You can check out parts one, two, and three at Daylight Atheism.After the week ends, I'll be tying some of those ideas back into the discussion we've been having here about whether there are any victimless sins--whether it's always wrong to feel hate. --2-- I was going to write legitimate quick takes, I swear, but Scott Pilgrim versus the World … [Read more...]

7 Quick Papers (5/6/11)

--1-- I'm up late tonight writing my last college paper ever.  After I finish this paper by daybreak, I only have one final between me and graduation.  The final this afternoon (delivering an original speech for an Oratory seminar) is a fun last hurrah, but the paper is not quite as exciting: it's on methods of estimating infection rates for Hepatitis C.  I have gotten to write some more-interesting papers in college, though, so the rest of the Quick Takes are teasers of the ones I've loved, en … [Read more...]

7 Quick Takes (3/15/11)

--1-- Turns out I'm pulling an all nighter with a problem set tonight, so this will be an extremely brief Quick Takes post.  If you're wondering why I'm so busy, look to yesterday's post for an explanation and add in the fact that my senior thesis is due only a little over a week.  YIKES.So this week, you're going to get links to the tabs I opened most recently in Chrome to reference in my essay.  And after I turn in this p-set and get a little more writing done, I promise to wade into the a … [Read more...]

7 Quick Takes (2/8/11)

--1-- Last week, I mentioned in my quick takes that I was going to see an ex-gay speaker who came to visit campus.  There's been a big backlash on campus, so I've been posting about my reaction with a news roundup, a brief defense of the speaker, and an example of (perhaps inadvertently) hurtful rhetoric.  Today, the first real defense of the talk came out in The Yale Daily News, so I'm linking it here and I'm adding it to the first news roundup page. --2-- And speaking of the YDN, I don't al … [Read more...]

7 Quick Takes (4/1/11)

--1-- Blogger's rolling out new features, so I figured I should let you know that you can now read this blog in any of the five new dynamic templates.  Of the five, I only like the sidebar view and, to be honest, I find Blogger's enthusiasm about this new feature to be a little hilarious.  I'm not planning to start viewing blogs this way (especially since I mostly read them on Google Reader, rather than their actual pages), but let me know if you try it and have any problems.Looking at the s … [Read more...]