7QT: Matched! (Donations, Fiancé(e)s, and Symmetries)


--- 1 --- Here's a heads up -- the women who write at A Queer Calling are running a GoFundMe to raise money to train a service dog for Sarah (who has fast-progressing Meniere's Disease).  I think some of you read their writings on hospitality, affection, vocation etc, so you may want to help them out.I gave to their fundraiser and then matched the donation with one to Against Malaria -- GiveWell's top ranked charity, so that the need of people I already know and care for can be a spur to gi … [Read more...]

7QT: Saturn’s Rings, Visiting Nurses, and Tests for the Nearly Dead


--- 1 --- I've got a special weakness for clever methodology, and I loved this set up from an article on near death experiences (the protocol was informed by the frequency of NDE people reporting being near the ceiling looking down): All involved placing some stimulus—a picture or a symbol on, say, a piece of paper or an electronic display—in a high location, visible only if you were floating near the ceiling. The research designers did their best to make sure that nobody—not the doctors or nur … [Read more...]

7QT: Preachy Swords and Pricey Peanut Butter

peanut butter

--- 1 --- I've been recommending Hamilton, Lin-Manuel Miranda's hip hop musical for a while (tickets now on sale for Broadway!) and you can see a few nice clips in this CBS story, which also includes interviews with Miranda:--- 2 --- If you need any further persuading, take a look at how Miranda wrote the character descriptions for the Broadway run:ALEXANDER HAMILTON - Eminem meets Sweeney Todd AARON BURR - Javert meets Mos Def GEORGE WASHINGTON - John Legend meets … [Read more...]

7QT: Moss Troll Ichor and Human Hearts

(image from SceneSisters)

--- 1 --- This week, I had a lot of fun reading an observational study of the rituals we've built up around our interactions with technology--what they tell us about how we understand our relationship with our devices and what they portend for designs to come.  I particularly enjoyed seeing one I frequently employ: The Security Pass Hip Bump, which I first noticed a former client doing repeatedly in the library building she worked in, is particularly enjoyable. It occurs when someone carries th … [Read more...]

7QT: Stoicism Man, Semi-Imaginary Money, and Second Moons

Read more at Existential Comics

--- 1 --- Did you know that Earth has a second moon?   Because I sure as heck did not (I'm in the lucky 10,000!).  Apparently, the astronomical body 3753 Cruithne is also in orbit around the Earth, but its orbit is bizarrely convoluted -- to the point where it takes 800 years for it to make a full, wobbly circuit.  io9 has all the details. --- 2 --- And if you're trying to learn other, unknown-to-you, sometimes terrifyingly interlooped ideas, Existential Comics has a "How to Study Philosophy" … [Read more...]

7QT: New Riffs on Prayer, Booze, and Logic


 Last call to sign up for my book updates email list if you want to be eligible to win an early review of Arriving at Amen, my book on prayer.  I'll be sending this month's email (where you can enter my lottery) this afternoon. --- 1 --- While reading an article about why cocktails have wound up being so expensive at tony bars, I ran into what was meant to be one of the sillier examples -- an Old Fashioned served inside ice, and I found the cleverness and delight of its inventors so lo … [Read more...]

7QT: Translation, Codebreaking, and other language games


  If you're sorry to have missed my talk in San Francisco on "Cultivating Openness to Truth" this week, tune into my radio show tomorrow at 5pm ET -- I'll be covering the highlights.  And, for those of you who can't catch the livestream, my program is beta-testing Real Life Radio's downloadable podcasts, specifically because several of you wrote in to ask for that feature. --- 1 --- In three weeks, I'm really looking forward to attending Mary Stuart at the Folger and I' … [Read more...]