7 Quick Takes (3/11/11)

--1-- I've been working on my senior essay and I'd like to spread the misery around.  So this week's Quick Takes are a round up of aggravating social developments (though I promise a respite at the end).   --2-- I was pretty dubious about David Brook's new book The Social Animal when I read the awful excerpt of it in The New Yorker.  My suspicions were confirmed when I read Will Wilkinson's review.  Feel free to forward to anyone considering buying the book.  Here's an … [Read more...]

7 Quick Takes (3/4/11)

--1-- I've almost made it to Spring Break (also known as lock-myself-in-a-room-and-write-my-senior-thesis-for-two-weeks-so-why-the-heck-is-it-called-break?), so I'll be able to catch up on neglected posts and comments soon.  Today I'll have a roundup of your comments and my responses to my plea for suggestions for Lenten sacrifices.  If you've been waiting to add your two cents, jump in this morning!  After that, I'll finally be able to jump back into the discussion Alex Knapp, Eli of Rust … [Read more...]

7 Quick Takes (2/24/11)

--1-- Welcome, visitors from Jen's blog!  If you've got a spare moment, I'd appreciate your advice about possible Lenten disciplines I should consider.  Last year was a big bust for me.   --2-- The Guardian had a very interesting series of essays on the impact of the King James translation of the Bible.  The first essay is by novelist Jeanette Winterson who wrote Oranges are Not the Only Fruit, a quasi-memoir I am very fond of.  She wrote: Even now, the phrasing of the King … [Read more...]