7QT: New Riffs on Prayer, Booze, and Logic

 Last call to sign up for my book updates email list if you want to be eligible to win an early review of Arriving at Amen, my book on prayer.  I'll be sending this month's email (where you can enter my lottery) this afternoon. --- 1 --- While reading an article about why cocktails have wound up being so expensive at tony bars, I ran into what was meant to be one of the sillier examples -- an Old Fashioned served inside ice, and I found the cleverness and delight of its inventors so lo … [Read more...]

7QT: Translation, Codebreaking, and other language games

  If you're sorry to have missed my talk in San Francisco on "Cultivating Openness to Truth" this week, tune into my radio show tomorrow at 5pm ET -- I'll be covering the highlights.  And, for those of you who can't catch the livestream, my program is beta-testing Real Life Radio's downloadable podcasts, specifically because several of you wrote in to ask for that feature. --- 1 --- In three weeks, I'm really looking forward to attending Mary Stuart at the Folger and I' … [Read more...]

7QT: Faces back from the dead, Anxieties outside your head

 Don't forget, if you're in the Bay Area, that I'll be speaking at St. Dominic's this Monday night -- tell your friends!  And for those of you not near San Francisco, you can catch me on the radio at 5pm on Saturday or 1pm on Sunday.  --- 1 --- I was really pleased to find, in the NYT artists imitating life (my life specifically).  The paper interviewed Emma Stone and Eddie Redmayne in tandem, and, when asked how she persuaded her parents to let her try to be an actress, St … [Read more...]

7QT: Terrifying Fish, Lightning-Quick Archers (and some cussin’)

Two housekeeping notes: you can still vote for me in the "Smartest Blog" category in the Sheenazing Awards, and my weekly radio show will be streaming tomorrow at 5pm and again on Sunday at 1pm, --- 1 --- Folks, this archery video (found via Deadspin) has made my day.  Based on nerdy examination of historical art of archers, Lars Anderson overhauled his shooting technique and, well, let me let Deadspin summarize, since I prefer only to swear in direct quotations: What if I told you that the … [Read more...]

7QT: Math Puns, Set Tricks, and Artificial Worlds

Just a reminder, my new radio show ("Fights in Good Faith") began last week (and the first episode is now up for streaming).  Tune in live this week at 5p Saturday or 1p on Sunday.  I'll be talking about my visit to the National Civil Rights Museum in Memphis. --- 1 --- It's hard to get more Leah-baity than a competition for math puns, so that link naturally gets first billing this week.  Here's my favorite: Heard this joke about the Banach-Tarski paradox. I was beside my … [Read more...]

7QT: My new radio program, plus codes, calligraphy, and camels

--- 1 --- I'm really pleased to announce to all of you, that tomorrow, I begin my new weekly radio show with Real Life Radio.   My program is an hour long, and is called "Fights In Good Faith"  And the header image makes excellent use of one of the shots Sydney Angel took when I did the headshots for my book:The show will stream on Saturdays at 5pm and repeat on Sunday at 1pm (plus the shows will be archived).  And, for the very first episode, I've made sure to front-load the most  … [Read more...]

Seven Quick Remixes: Shakespeare, Star Wars, and Sweeney!

--- 1 --- I'm sure I'll write something longer later, but I just want to give you all the heads up that I really enjoyed the Into the Woods movie.It's like a lot of book-to-movie adaptations, where there are nuances and characterizations that are flattened or telescoped for film, but you still really enjoy seeing the story you love in a new medium, finding a new audience.  Both times I went (once on Christmas, once a week after) the theater sold out.I'd still say, in a perfect world, wa … [Read more...]