More Beating Up on Lazy Humanism

There was a link to the definition from Webster's that the Council for Secular Humanism highlights at the top of their "What is Secular Humanism?" page (ellipses theirs): Secular. "Pertaining to the world or things not spiritual or sacred."Humanism. "Any system of thought or action concerned with the interests or ideals of people … the intellectual and cultural movement … characterized by an emphasis on human interests rather than … religion." Holy False Dichotomy, Batman!I would never … [Read more...]

Atheist vs Humanist

As you've noticed, Patheos has rolled out a site-wide redesign, and the best changes have come to the new 'Channel' pages (previously 'Portals') for the different religious groups on the site.  The old portal was kind of a placeholder, and they were holding off on major updates til the redesign.  One question that came up in consultations with bloggers before the rollout was whether our section should be under the heading "Atheist" or "Humanist."  It used to be "Humanist" and I'm quite glad we sw … [Read more...]

Should Atheism Be A ‘Comfortable’ Belief?

Greta Christina put up a really thought-provoking post today at FreeThought Blogs ("Will Atheism Become Easier?").  Greta's not talking about the boring question (will atheists be less stigmatized in the future -- pretty clearly yes), she's wondering whether it will be more comfortable, personally and socially, to subscribe to a godless philosophy.  Here's the conversation that got her thinking (I'm jumping around a little bit in my blockquoting, so do try and read the whole thing in c … [Read more...]

Well, you asked for me to blockquote things I agreed with…

People who commented on this post last week might want to be careful what they wish for.   I'm going to keep an eye out for blogposts where I can highlight a pull-quote and have something positive to add, but I figured I could practice by blogging through a book that I agree with quite a bit.  (I already enjoyed doing this with Granny Weatherwax from Discworld).So here comes a series of posts (probably one a week) on a book that made me feel just as this quote from The History Boys puts i … [Read more...]

Reason Rally/American Atheists Conference [Index Post]

The weekend of March 24th 2012, a disputed number of thousands of people gathered in DC for the Reason Rally -- a pro-secular extravaganza on the National Mall.  Many of us stuck around through the weekend to attend the American Atheists National Conference.  The posts collected below were inspired by events at one or both of these events.Now You See Me, Now I... What? -- Ok, technically A Week (the come out as atheist on facebook week) occurred before the Reason Rally, but the problem of wh … [Read more...]

Reason Rally Wrap-Up

Since it's been two weeks since the event, I'm collapsing some of my other experiences at the Reason Rally into a few brief thoughts:What do we want? ______ When do we want it? Now!The Reason Rally, to the best of my knowledge, didn't have a public policy ask. We weren't gathered in DC to demand anything from Congress or the President. So I had some of the same mixed feelings that I had about A Week. For the attendees who are already out, what comes next?Some of the stories of … [Read more...]

Heaven Can Wait (in your debate arsenal)

Greta Christina and a different Christina at Freethought Blogs both recently came to the conclusion that the Christine doctrine of Heaven is coercive.  It's so dangerous that Greta Christina called it "almost as evil a doctrine as Hell."  Here's their reasoning: The promise of Heaven is the biggest reward of all. The promise of Heaven is infinite. It is the promise that you will get to live forever, and will never have to die. It is the promise that you will get to live forever in perfect e … [Read more...]