What I’m doing after exams:

I'm wearing some tight, tight jeans and tonight we're delving into some serious, serious shit. I'm Andrew Jackson, and I'm your president.   Those are the opening lines of Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson, an irreverent, nerdy, emo-rock musical.  Come 8pm tonight, I'll be done with my final paper for the semester and I'll be sitting in the orchestra section with my boyfriend for the evening show.  That means I will continue to not exist today, but I'll probably resume existing … [Read more...]

In a paper morass, but here’s a quick announcement:

It's finals week at school, all my work/exams is due/takes place in the last two days, and I, of course, have done a less than masterful job of spacing out my work, so I won't have any really substantial posts until Sunday, in all probability.  I really appreciate all the apologist recommendations you've offered, and I'll be looking at them/responding to you after I finish up the term.  In the meantime, three brief announcements: I can't complain too much because one of the papers I get to … [Read more...]

Coming up this week…

I'm taking the weekend off as part of my Thanksgiving holiday (i.e. making time to do all the work that I was supposed to have tackled during the Thanksgiving holiday).  I'm going to set myself the more modest goal of getting caught up on replying to recent comments (so if you've been waiting for a response to a question, check back on the thread on Monday, and hassle me if I haven't gotten to it. On Monday, I'll be starting two posts that will be crossover posted to both the Eight Questions … [Read more...]