Quick update

I was looking through my notes for future posts, and it turns out I have a wide range of gay marriage/generic marriage ideas in the pipeline.  Therefore, I am retroactively declaring today's post part of a gay marriage series that will run every day from Mon-Thurs this week.  All the posts in this series will be indexed on the new gay marriage page, just as the math and morality ones were.   … [Read more...]

Back from the Rectory

Thank you all for your thoughtful comments, and, of course, my greatest thanks are reserved for Deacon Michael who generously spent two hours chatting with me yesterday.  I really appreciated both his candor and his enthusiasm.  It's always so encouraging to see people who are energized by disagreement and conversation, rather than frightened of it. I'm not going to do a beat by beat recap of our discussion for a variety of reasons.  The primary one is that I have a policy of only … [Read more...]

Chatting with a Catholic Deacon tonight… what should I ask?

The deacon at the local parish has been kind enough to set aside some time to chat with me tonight.  I'm not having a debate, but a conversation.  I've been reading plenty of apologetics and having debates of my own, but I was planning to have this be a less academic-themed discussion. The main question I'd like to discuss is what sustains him in his faith.  I'm curious as to whether it's mostly the kind of academic/philosophical ideas that I've been discussing here or the more … [Read more...]