Comments Tab is Up (just after the nick of time)

Thanks for your feedback on my draft of the comment policy. I've added it to the top navigation bar, but, it turns out I've added it one day too late.  One of the writers at Friendly Atheist took umbrage at commenter Gilbert saying this in reply to the post where I asked readers to chip in to help the SSA deal with DDoS attacks. Any chance of collecting the money on our side? ’cause I really don’t feel like giving the Puppy Kicking League my contact info and ending up on their permanent friend f … [Read more...]

Yes, my comments policy is inspired by MegaUpload

Given the influx of new readers and some questions , I'd like to add a Comments Policy tab to the top of the blog.  Here's my first draft, so let me know if anything needs clarification, if you know how to make a warning sound less hectoring, or if you have other suggestions.I only delete comments that are obviously spam.(Fun fact: the easiest way real comments get mistaken for spam is when they pay me an unspecific compliment).I may make an exception in the future if a commenter … [Read more...]

“We estimate 90% of customers will have power restored by July 6th”

Whelp, it looks like you won't be seeing that much of me over the course of the week.  You know it's bad when you're upset that the power company dealt with the live wire lying across your street.  It may have been a hazard, but it was supplying me with sweet, sweet, electricity.  The cell towers in my neighborhood have been hit pretty bad by the storm, too, so I can't even keep up with Google Reader and comments with my phone.  Don't worry about me, though.  I've got a maglite, batteries, and bo … [Read more...]

The College Application Stratagem or, “Sing out Louise”

One frequent question I got about my conversion was, "Uh, don't you disagree with the Catholic Church on a lot of things? Aren't you bisexual? And a bit of a statist when it come to public health? And various other things?  What are you going to do about that?"I won't paper over those inconsistencies and call them insignificant, but I don't feel like I need to either resolve them instantly or pretend they don't trouble me.  One reason the Catholic Church has adults go through RCIA (Rite of C … [Read more...]

Leah Libresco, please write, and write faster…

No one's thrown a leg of lamb at my head yet, but I'm getting a little nervous.In all seriousness, it's been a week since the internet found out I'm converting.  I gave an overview in my "why I'm converting" post that I plan to flesh out, and I'm ok with the pace I'm going at.  I do have a day job, and a New Yorker subscription I don't want to fall behind on, and a lot of reading recommendations from everyone on the internet ever (and, I'll confess, all of those will get bumped to the back o … [Read more...]


This is the view from my porch:This isn't an Andrew Sullivan game to guess where I live.  This is the reason I have no power or internet and probably won't until Monday.  So be extra-specially patient if your comments get stuck in the spam filter.  Also, please understand that even when my power comes back on, I won't be responding directly to emails and comments that ask things like "Why Catholicism of all religions?"  I know everyone is interested in that question, so I'll eventually be pos … [Read more...]

Let me set some priorities

Ok, so the fact that it took me the entire day on Saturday to write my coming out post should have tipped me off that it was going to be hard to respond quickly and efficiently to some of the follow-up questions you guys have.  I'm making a list here of the most common posts people seem to want so I can focus on them.  The second list is some of the posts I want to write that are going to get interspersed in with the more meaty ones about conversion so I can stay sane and you won't lack for d … [Read more...]