Doing Comment Triage [check back for updates]

I really appreciate all the warm messages of support that I'm getting in the announcement post from this morning, but I'm concerned that the critical comments are going to get buried, so I'm using this post to highlight the ones I've responded to so far.  If I haven't gotten to yours yet, and still haven't in a few days, feel free to still ping and remind me.  I may be waiting because I've got a post lined up that responds to your comment or I may have just lost track of it.You know I'm a p … [Read more...]

Today’s the last day to vote in the Turing Test

The answers go up tomorrow, so whip people to take a look at the Christian round and turn in guesses by midnight tonight.  If you're sending it around or posting to your blog, encourage people to start with number thirteen and work backwards.  There was a lot of attrition.Meanwhile, I'm recovering from Blogathon in the best possible way... a full day lecture on data analysis and visualization by Tufte!  (He's the author of The Visual Display of Quantitative Information, for which my affe … [Read more...]

Guess who moved to Patheos?

Eve Tushnet!You may remember her from this NYT profile: "A Gay Catholic Voice Against Same-Sex Marriage."  But if you're a regular reader of the blog, you must also remember Eve from all the time's I've sent you over to her blog because she's come up with short and cogent ways to think about philosophy problems (remember metaphysical backsliding?).  Or her long and thought-provoking ways of thinking.She's also an alum of my very pugilistic philosophical debating group.  (And one of the ma … [Read more...]

All the Atheist Round Posts are Up!

If you've been waiting to vote in the Ideological Turing Test until all the entries in the round were posted, now's your chance. You can browse all thirteen entries at the index post. Currently, the sample sizes are lower than I'd like, so, by all means, forward the link around to any friends, listservs, or bloggers you think might enjoy the project. This isn't a rigorous scientific poll, so snowball sampling is a-ok.The first entries in the Christian round will start going up either Friday … [Read more...]

Refined the Turing Test Survey

I've revised the judging form for the Ideological Turing Test (starting tomorrow) based on your comments.  Here's the updated link.  I've split the "How compelling/attractive do you find this entry?" question into two parts, and below is the language that introduces that section. For the next two questions, I want you to judge the CONTENT of the entry. Regardless of whether you think the writer is sincere, are they making a good pitch for their side?The first question asks you to evaluate t … [Read more...]

Welcome No Longer Quivering to Patheos!

No Longer Quivering has moved to Patheos.  The blog is a resource for anyone fleeing the Quiverfull/Christian Patriarchy movement.  Libby Anne, a Patheos blogger at Love, Joy, Feminism, got her start blogging by telling the story of her escape from this abusive religious sect.It looks like the move-in is still in progress, so, although new posts will show up at the new site, the tabs, forum, etc are still getting set up, so you should use these links to read NLQ's About and FAQ.For me, t … [Read more...]

Test Driving the Turing Test Poll

The Ideological Turing Test starts this week, and I've put together a generic Google Form so you guys can give feedback on the survey instrument.  You can test drive it here. Make sure you give me feedback in the comments of this post, not on the form.I'd definitely like to know if you have any technical problems, and this is your last chance to give feedback on the questions.  I'm using a four item Likert scale for judging, since I'm guessing that upping the number of choices will not help p … [Read more...]