Finalizing Turing Test Questions

I want to get these settled so people can sign up to participate in the Ideological Turing Test and start doing their homework.  I want to have three to four questions total, and, based on previous comment thread discussions, these two have already made the cut:When (if ever) have you deferred to your philosophical or theological system over your intuitions? Are there people whose opinions on morality you trust more than your own? How do you recognize them? How is trusting them different … [Read more...]

My Computer’s in the Shop. Guest posts ahoy!

Alas, my computer just started what I'm told will be a week long vacation at Microcenter.  I'm still borrowing computer time with my housemates, so posting will slow but it won't stop.  (Spelling may suffer a little, since I find it really difficult to type on a Mac-style chiclet keyboard).  I will be prioritizing setting up logistics for the upcoming Turing Test over keeping up daily posts, so if commenters have always longed to address my readers, now's the time to consider emailing me to pr … [Read more...]

Ideological Turing Test, Mark 2!

I really enjoyed the first iteration of the Ideological Turing Test for religion, which ran on this blog last summer, and I always meant to return to it at some point.  At the end of May/early June, I'm going on vacation for two weeks, which strikes me as the perfect time to have a lot of interesting prewritten posts ready for you all to parse.  I'll open sign-ups soon, but today is only for discussing parameters of this year's contest.For those of you who have joined this blog since last s … [Read more...]

Ok, Let’s Put Our Heads Between Our Knees and Take a Few Deep Breaths

Mark's got another post up today, profiling a gay friend he greatly admires, and I've got a few more things I'd like to respond to, but I'm going to take a little break.  Judging by the comment threads, this hasn't been a particularly helpful discussion.  I've registered and explained my objection to the Nazi allusions, and I'm going to hold off on following up until I think I've got a better strategy for the discussion.It seems like, to have a conversation about LGBT rights with this r … [Read more...]

This Doesn’t Look Like a Victory to Me

Over in Patheos's Catholic channel, Thomas McDonald of God and the Machine has run into a couple problem commenters.  Specifically, the kind of atheist who think posting the following in a Christian combox is equivalent to counting coup: The creation story of your own religion involves a man created out of dust who is convinced by his rib-woman wife to eat a magical fruit because a talking snake told her that it would make them like gods. The universe as we know it took much longer than six … [Read more...]

Atheist vs Humanist

fill in the blank

As you've noticed, Patheos has rolled out a site-wide redesign, and the best changes have come to the new 'Channel' pages (previously 'Portals') for the different religious groups on the site.  The old portal was kind of a placeholder, and they were holding off on major updates til the redesign.  One question that came up in consultations with bloggers before the rollout was whether our section should be under the heading "Atheist" or "Humanist."  It used to be "Humanist" and I'm quite glad we sw … [Read more...]

Q&A with Libby Anne of Love, Joy, Feminism

In case you haven't heard, Patheos picked up a new Atheism blogger recently: Libby Anne of Love, Joy, Feminism (we snaked her from Freethought Blogs).  As a welcome to the neighborhood, we're doing two Q&A posts today.  Her answers are running here on Unequally Yoked and mine are running chez elle.  Don't hold Libby responsible for the questions, I wrote them, and there are two per category (blog-related, personal, and wacky).Q: What's the target audience for your blog, what do you try to … [Read more...]