Covenant Marriage: What about Women?

This post is part of a series on covenant marriage.Mason was troubled by my last post on marriage and raised some objections that are definitely worth addressing. Mason wrote: So my problem with covenant marriage has always been that I don't see how it gets around exactly the gender-power-dynamic problems that we see in not allowing divorce in the first place. If covenant marriage becomes popular in Christian communities, what I see happening relatively quickly is the emergence of two … [Read more...]

What We Talk About When We Talk About Marriage

My support for covenant marriage led me to mix it up recently on facebook with several friends, including Stephen of The Last Delta-T.  He's written a post laying out his opposition to covenant marriage and atheist or feminist-unfriendly aspects of marriage generally.  Stephen and I both want to redefine modern marriages, but we want to do it in very different directions, so I'm going to start by laying out some of our basic points of disagreement, and then I'll explain the reasoning underlying m … [Read more...]

Marriage, Contract, and Restraint

Two days ago, I was casting about for a new topic for linked posts, and, now, I not only have one, I'm trying to figure out how to schedule myself to tackle it as quickly as possible, without disrupting the conclusion of Egnor's Eight Questions.  So here's what you have to look forward to:Reasons why, when/if I get married, I would be strongly inclined to seek a covenant marriage.I got into an argument on facebook about covenant marriage and marriage in general with a number of my … [Read more...]

If I were in charge of your childbearing (A reply to Justin Martyr)

Quick Recap: Justin and RustBelt debated gay marriage, I butted in, Justin responded (twice).Justin's most recent salvo is to ask me to weigh in yes or no on four hypothetical and then explain the consistent framework that led to my decision.  Given some of the ambiguities that crept into his discourse with RustBelt when they were discussing legality versus morality, I'm going to give two answers for each scenario:Do I think the government should ban it? Do I think it is wrong for … [Read more...]

Poking my nose into Justin Martyr’s gay marriage debate

Reading over Justin Martyr’s debate over the morality of gay marriage with Larry of Rust Belt Philosophy, I think I’ve managed to come up with the single least catchy talking point on the topic of gay marriage:All we’re really debating is how to handle a free rider problem for a government benefit.Doesn’t exactly sound media-ready, I guess, but it seems like an accurate sum up of the issue.Civil marriage exists, as do most government programs, to change the incentives associated with … [Read more...]

Do we care too much about marriage?

This post is the last in a series on gay marriage.  Check out all posts in this series at the gay marriage index.Senior year is a time of grad school applications, final papers, and secret betting pools on what couples will split up. Senior year is a minefield for pairs, since most seniors in relationships are carefully trying to avoid too much discussion of where they’ll be next year. Friends are quick to speculate about whether he’ll regret it if he gives up that fellowship so he can live n … [Read more...]

Do we care too little about marriage?

This post is part of a series about gay marriage. You can browse all posts in this series at its indexI’m not a quite a language prescriptivist, but I share with my conservative friends a certain propensity to get short-tempered with radical redefinitions (a word to the wise: once you hear the phrase “Words have meaning!” escape my lips, you have about 30 seconds to detonation).So perhaps the couples in the articles below should consider themselves on notice.'Sugarbabe' favors negot … [Read more...]