More on the Damnably Foolish Virgins


UPDATE: there are Harry Potter spoilers in the comments section.  If this is a problem for you, don't read my reply to Christian H or anything that follows. Thanks a lot to everyone who weighed in with exegesis of the parable of the ten virgins.  More perpectives and references are quite welcome.  Several people said it was impossible (physically and metaphorically) for the wise virgins to save the foolhardy ones; no mortal can fully redeem another person.  A number of people took this as … [Read more...]

Worlds We’re Not Having Sex In

There was a lot of backlash to my Soup Nazi Approach to Sexuality post and the responsibility vs. culpability follow-up. So now it’s time to address the gender-related objections and questions. The gist of the comments was that I was unfairly/arbitrarily letting the woman have all the power in the choice of whether to have an orphan, an abortion, or raise a child (the three options for dealing with a pregnancy). I was accused both of being anti-feminist and perpetuating sexism by treating … [Read more...]

Natural Death Black Boxes

I warned commenters against turning the Soup Nazi Approach to Sex post into an abortion debate. Any free-ranging discussion of abortion tends to fail; I've only had productive conversations when I spend a lot of time narrowing the focus of a conversation and screening off anything else. I’m not surprised to see the discussion that broke out entering a tailspin, but I think there’s something to be gleaned from the wreckage. I’m certainly not recapping the whole thread, so I picked the … [Read more...]