Granny Weatherwax and Discworld [Index Post]

When I first started this blog, I was casting about for a few types of post I could repeat every week in order to get on a regular schedule.  The one that felt the most natural was a feature I named "Weatherwax Wednesdays" where I used a quote from Terry Pratchett's Discworld, usually involving the character Granny Weatherwax, as a jumping off point to talk about moral philosophy.Introducing Weatherwax Wednesday -- Who is Granny Weatherwax, and why do I love her so?"It’d be in me li … [Read more...]

Reason Rally/American Atheists Conference [Index Post]

The weekend of March 24th 2012, a disputed number of thousands of people gathered in DC for the Reason Rally -- a pro-secular extravaganza on the National Mall.  Many of us stuck around through the weekend to attend the American Atheists National Conference.  The posts collected below were inspired by events at one or both of these events.Now You See Me, Now I... What? -- Ok, technically A Week (the come out as atheist on facebook week) occurred before the Reason Rally, but the problem of wh … [Read more...]

Debate with Justin Martyr [Index Post]

In June of 2010, I had a debate with Justin Martyr of the now defunct blog The Faith Heuristic on the topic "R: The Evidence Supports the Existence of God."  Unfortunately Justin has taken down his blog in the interim, so his parts of the debate are lost to the winds of the internet.  I've collected my posts below, and I think you can still piece together most of the arguments.Rebuttal to Justin (Part 1) - Justin began the debate with Kalam's Cosmological Argument and I reply by talking a … [Read more...]

Daylight Atheism Guestblogging [Index Post]

In May of 2011, I did a stint guestblogging at Daylight Atheism, while Adam Lee went on vacation.  The individual posts are listed below, and you can browse all of them hereThe Rapture of Charlie Sheen - As Howard Camping's predicted rapture approached, atheists made sport of his delusion.  Is there any point where a belief so obviously false that mocking its adherents is abusive?  At what point is a false belief and resistance to reason indistinguishable from mental incompetence? Whom Sho … [Read more...]

Debating Gay Marriage [Index Post]

There's a controversy brewing at my alma mater.  As the kickoff to True Love Week (meant to contrast with the concurrently running Sex Week at Yale), organizers invited Professor Anthony Esolen of Providence College to speak on "The Person as a Gift."  A few days before the keynote, IvyGate publicized Esolen's fervent writings about the destructive power of gay marriage.  Activists on campus organized a kiss-in and then marched out of Esolen's talk.I disapprove of demonstrations that inter … [Read more...]

Feser’s The Last Superstition [Index Post]

I ran into a Dominican at an American Association for the Advancement of Sciences event in DC, and now I'm reading and arguing about Edward Feser's The Last Superstition: A Refutation of the Last Atheism with him and another brother at the priory.This seems like a nice opportunity to explore the 'non-nihilistic metaphysics logically require theism and probably Christianity' pitch that I've gotten from plenty of Christians and more than a few atheists.  Hopefully the discussion will put me in … [Read more...]

Ex-Gays and Debating Mores (Index Post)

On April 1st, 2011, it turned out that the advertised visit from an ex-gay, Protestant minister was no prank.  When he came to campus, controversy erupted, even though the substance of his arguments was not as offensive as I had feared.  His talk seemed like as good a lens as any to talk a little about sexual ethics and debating strategies (though, so far, not in the same post).  Both are topics I like opinionating about, so here goes: Get Up to Speed on Yale's Ex-Gay Preacher - A q … [Read more...]