Identifying Purposefulness [Index]

  During the series addressing Michael Egnor's Eight Questions for Atheists, I spent a post discussing why there was regularity in nature, and whether that regularity had any implications about a possible design for the world or the existence of a Designer. Three commenters got into a lengthy argument/discussion in the comments section, and, this week, I've invited each of them to write a guest post explaining their take on the issue.  The discussion in the comments section was free … [Read more...]

Can There be an Atheist Agenda?

After I got into a disagreement about tactics with John Loftus of Debunking Christianity, I ended up in a discussion of what, if anything, an atheist agenda should consist of and whether atheists had anything at all in common beside their disbelief in God. First, the posts dealing directly with my dispute with Loftus Want to help write a book? -- Loftus solicits possible questions for a Christian apologist and I offer a few thoughts Why do atheists ask the boring questions? -- … [Read more...]

Eight Questions for Atheists

The Discovery Institute's Michael Egnor has posted eight questions as a challenge to New Atheists.  I've been a little overwhelmed for the past two weeks in rehearsals for the production of Iolanthe I'm co-directing, so I'm going to adopt these questions as a new posting sequence while I'm in rehearsal, and I'll be answering the questions out of order, depending on how much time I have each day. Eight Questions for Atheists Why is there anything? What caused the Universe? (plus bonus … [Read more...]

Sin and Immorality (Index Post)

Previously on this blog I've written about morality, but in a highly abstracted, mathematically-inclined way.  This week I'd like to take a more personal tack.  I think I'm unusual among most atheists in that I see a great deal of truth in Catholic and Christian teaching about original sin, some worm at the heart of the apple.  It's why I've found some parts of Christian ethics extremely helpful in my own life.   Opening Myself to Sin - Treating moral questions as economic … [Read more...]

Why I Don’t Believe (Series Index)

  I've used this blog to pick at some parts of religion that I find off-putting (usually on a political level), but I haven't spent that much time explaining why I don't believe in Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Islam, Taoism, etc, etc, etc. The other week, I was in a long conversation with a student proselytizing for a Christian group on campus.  It made me think more deeply about what my most basic, factual objections to Christianity are (which are distinct from objections I have … [Read more...]

A Religion I Like (Series Index)

Telling someone I'm an atheist tells them very little about what I believe or why.  My atheism is just the result of my answer to one question about one truth claim.  Although I disagree with my Catholic boyfriend on many questions of religion, when we mix it up on matters of morality with our postmodernist friends (both atheist and Christian), we almost always end up on the same side. Therefore, I'd like to spend this week trying to paint a better portrait of what I believe, rather than … [Read more...]

Gay Marriage Index

In August 2010, in the wake of Judge Walker's decision to strike down California's Proposition 8 in Perry v. Schwarzenegger, I ran a series of posts on gay marriage.   Why Should Atheists Get Married? - Should the state only administer civil unions? And why would atheists ever value marriage anyway? Restricting Rhetoric, Mosques, and Gays - What kind of religious arguments should be allowed in public discourse? Natural Moral Theory is Bunk - Why I don't buy the Catholic logic … [Read more...]