Drawing from a deck of Cards Against Humanity

Image by @bdmcclay

This New Year's, I didn't end up making any big resolutions, but I did wind up writing for First Things on a cognitive reframe that helps me spot actions or behaviors I should cut out of my moral diet. When I review my day in an Examen or if an action catches my attention in the moment, I sometimes like to get a better perspective on my choices by using a reframe. Instead of just asking what I should do right now, I ask what kind of habits this choice is reinforcing. Would I want to sign up for … [Read more...]

Missing the Cues for My Amens


For Catholics, the Christmas season is still ongoing (up until January 12th, the Feast of Christ's Baptism), so the days have been peppered with more feasts and solemnities than I've had time to write about.  But one holiday I particularly enjoyed was the Solemnity of Mary, the Mother of God, which falls on New Year's Day.A group of Catholic friends and I went to the Dominican House of Studies on New Year's Eve for an hour of Adoration (prayer in front of the Eucharist), followed by a vigil … [Read more...]

New Routines with a New Saint

st genevieve

It turns out that my saint for the month of January (as determined by Jen Fulwiler's Saint Generator) is Saint Genevieve.  And, conveniently enough, her feast day is January 3rd, so I'll make sure to attend Daily Mass this Friday in her honor.  In her life, she was perhaps best known for leading the people of Paris in sustained prayer in order to ward off an attack by the Huns.This will be my first month back in my old city with my new job, so I'm working on resetting my habits and routines o … [Read more...]

It is not good that man should be alone


As some of you have gleaned from off-hand comments, I've returned to Washington, D.C.  I really liked my job as a curriculum developer at CFAR, but I turned out to be terribly homesick for D.C.  In January, I'll be starting a new job as an Editoral Assistant at a magazine.Meanwhile, in the two weeks or so that I've been back home, I've felt great about my decision.  I was welcomed back with snow, emails scheduling a Tempest reading, the opportunity to play with my college friend's one year ol … [Read more...]

Oh, the Farmer and the Blogger Should Be Friends


Last month, I did a pretty terrible job trying to pick a saint for the month and try to expand my understanding of the Communion of Saints.  I really do rely on getting to know Saints (and anyone, honestly) through text, so it was hard for me to build up any rapport with St Andrew Corsini or to think of him at all without something to read.But, as Advent begins again, I'm trying again, and this time Jen Fulwiler's Saint Generator assigned me St. Isidore. The Farmer.  In the middle of the wint … [Read more...]

Seeing through the Cloud of Saints


Writing about Douglas Hofstadter's Surfaces and Essences: Analogy as the Fuel and Fire of Thinking reminded me of one of the reasons I so like the Communion of Saints in the Catholic Church.  We are all called to be Christ-like, but that exhortation is a little, well, enormous for me to wrap my head around on any given day.  The scale of Christ's goodness is hard for me to think about without drifting into abstraction.But the Saints are holy men and women who seem a little closer to my day to … [Read more...]

A Saint for this Season


Yesterday, I had a lot of trouble making it to church for the Feast of All Saints.  All Saint's Day is a Holy Day of Obligation for Catholics, and it's the feast of all those in the Church Triumphant -- all the saints, recognized on earth through canonization and those unknown to us, but sharing in the beatific vision.Unfortunately, as I'm in a more rural area teaching at a work event, we had to deal with poorly-marked, poorly-lit signs, and spotty GPS to get there.  Around the third time we … [Read more...]