If You Like A Queer Calling, You May Want to Help Out the Authors


I'm a big fan of the blog A Queer Calling, and I'm lucky enough to know Lindsey and Sarah in real life.  They write thoughtfully and generously about their experience offering learning how to live their vocation of love in a partnership, and they've placed hospitality/offering love to others at the center of their relationship.I've tried to make a space in my life for one-to-many hospitality (seeking out apartments and buildings with large living rooms, centrally located in the city to be … [Read more...]

Winner on the Sin Round of the 2015 ITT


The answers are up, and now the votes have been tallied for the first question in the Christian round of the 2015 Ideological Turing Test.  Here's the faux-Christian response to "What sin, if any, lies at the root of all sin" that real Christians found the most convincing: The root of all sin is man’s sinful nature, but if I had to identify a particular *sin* that lies at the root of all others, it would be pride. The first step away from sin is recognizing our own fallenness and our desperate n … [Read more...]

Discussing Good Ways to Pray Badly tomorrow in DC

cic shot

I'll be at the Catholic Information Center in DC on Tuesday night as part of their summer Theology on Tap series.  My topic is "Making Mistakes Well in Prayer" and it's drawn from the final chapter ("Trusting Christ As Peter Does") of Arriving at Amen: Seven Catholic Prayers that Even I Can Offer. How do you find your way through a new and challenging prayer practice or an old one that's gone stale? Learn a few habits and strategies for beginning prayers badly in order to learn how to engage in … [Read more...]

Answers are up for the 2015 Ideological Turing Test!


 The answers are up for this year's Ideological Turing Test, and graphs and charts of how well you did will be coming all week.  This time around, we had a lot more participants, so I've appended each writer's bio (rot13'd to avoid spoilers) after the answer(s) ze wrote.  There are more repeat players on the Christian side than the non-Christian side, because I got a lot more potential responses from atheists.So go ahead and look back at the responses and see where you guessed c … [Read more...]

Sondheim Playlist for SCOTUS’s Gay Marriage Decisions

For gay marriage supporters with a positive freedom approach to marriage:  For gay marriage supporters with a negative freedom approach to marriage:  For terrible people (whatever their position on gay marriage): Sorry for radio silence -- I was working in FiveThirtyEight's NY office this week, which eats up a lot of my time in a commute.  … [Read more...]

When People Offer Me Their Weaknesses As Strengths

leo hole

I still haven't mentioned my favorite thing that happened during the discussion I hosted on the Benedict Option.  In the final half hour of the conversation, we restricted the topic a little.  First, people were going to name resources that they had, which might be useful to the group.  Then people would basically make wishes ("I wish I had people to pray the Liturgy of the Hours with during the work day" "I wish I had people to volunteer with" etc.).  People were encouraged to name wishes that t … [Read more...]

Tackling the Small Benedict Option Problems First

(Peter J Bury / flickr)

A few weeks ago, I hosted a discussion of "the Benedict Option" (ways for Christians to build institutions/habits to do better at providing community to each other / making living the faith feel less like a lonely pursuit) and Peter Blair of Fare Forward (the magazine sponsoring the event) has written up his thoughts.The gathering’s discussion focused largely on concrete pressures on their faith that the participants face in their everyday life in D.C. Not much was said about an abstract di … [Read more...]