Though it be but Little, it is Fierce

I'm still giving you Monday morning costuming updates, so I feel accountable to keep making progress.  This week I sewed together the muslin mockup for the corset.  Because fit is really important for this kind of bodice, you make a scratch copy of your pattern in muslin, so you don't waste your good fabric on a first draft.Good seamstresses make later drafts in fabric that more closely resembles what you're actually using, and insert boning and grommets, so it wears like the final garment.   … [Read more...]

And Now For Something Completely Different

Some friends and I were making philosophy jokes, as one does, and somehow a t-shirt sprung into being.This seemed like a crowd that might appreciate a wearable trolleyology joke, so here's the website where you can get them.  And I've stuck a bigger image of the design below. And then we had one more idea: … [Read more...]

A Crafty Weekend

I'm keeping myself on track to finish my Halloween costume by posting updates every Monday. This week I've transferred my pattern draft to tracing paper and then used it to cut out the pattern pieces for my muslin mockup. By next week's update, I'll have  pieced the muslin together and used it to make any corrections to the pattern (and hopefully start cutting the real fabric).How long did all this take?  About 125 minutes (the runtime of Captain America).But that's not the only craft pr … [Read more...]

Can you all help keep me honest?

There are less than two months til Halloween, and I'm pretty behind on costuming.  Last year I was a cyberpunk courier, and this year I'm planning to be a dryad.  Last year's costume was finished in a couple of hellish late nights, and I'd really like to avoid that fate this year.  Except I made a map using Freemind of everything I need to do and think about, and the results were sobering.So, would you all mind if I did a costuming progress post every Monday so you can shame me if I'm fa … [Read more...]

“Even though we ain’t got hats or badges, we’re a union just by saying so!

 My favorite union movie, hands down, is Newsies, which also ranks pretty high on my list of favorite Disney musicals.  The show is about the real life newsboys strike at the turn of the century.  Among it's many virtues: excellent choreo (the dancing is all energy and not fussy), a Teddy Roosevelt cameo, Christian Bale not gargling gravel, a great message, and an almost invisible romance because this is a movie about friendship and solidarity.  (The Broadway staging amped up the roma … [Read more...]

Your daily dose of anti-gnosticism!

  Look how delicate and lovely my metatarsals and phlanges are!If you're anywhere near a Bodies exhibit, I really recommend a trip.  First of all, it's not gross at all (and this is coming from someone who covers her eyes when watching House).  I was really overwhelmed by the beauty of human anatomy each time I went, and I felt a surge of that awe again when I got to peer inside my foot on Friday.Of course, we're not in wacky old antiquity, where they took routine fluoroscopes at the sho … [Read more...]

“It’s not so hard to be married. I’ve done it three or four times.”

Inspired by the Sondheim Symposium, my college friend Katharine Pitt offered a guest post based on her own experiences acting marriages in Shakespeare (She's pretty awesome, so I'm sure she won't mind me inserting a plug for Slings and Arrows in the intro to her post).  I think all the rest you need to know is she's awesome (bears repeating), the photos below were taken by William Sacco (captions courtesy of Katharine), and everything that follows is hers.  Take it away, Kate, the prettiest Kate … [Read more...]