Bisexuality Q&A

I'd still like more responses to the questions I posed to opponents of gay marriage yesterday, but, since turnabout is fair play, I'll take a crack at some of the questions you guys asked about bisexuality in the thread.  I'll answer any others on this topic in the comments.UPDATE: there's still confusion in the comments so here's the tl;dr takeaway: Bisexuality is totally unrelated to polyamory.  Bisexuality describes the set of people who might attract you.  Polyamory specifies what kind of … [Read more...]

Coming Out (and at ’em)

(UPDATE: It looks like some of you have questions about bisexuality.  Feel free to ask them in the comments and I'll answer them in tomorrow's post)Today is National Coming Out Day (the link goes to Lambda Legal, not HRC, since Lambda puts donations to work on activism and HRC throws party for legislators without much to show for it). That makes today a good day to mention that I’m bisexual to any new readers I’ve picked up here at Patheos.I mention it because, when you write a blog abou … [Read more...]

Search Engine Soup

This marks the 400th post on this blog, so it's time for a roundup of strange search terms that led people to this blog.  You can refer back to previous roundups to see how the perceived character of the blog has changed.  Now, take it away, Google!You know I like data, but my political science major doesn't prepare me to help the person looking for statistics of why believing in santa claus is harmful.  I'm similarly at a loss for the person trying to solve the gay marriage free-rider proble … [Read more...]

Nerdiness Olde and New

The Renaissance Faire this weekend was lovely.  I'm putting up two photos here, and I want to give credit where it's due.  I made my dress last summer using Butterick pattern B4571,  which was easy to follow.  I adapted the pattern for my boyfriend's surcoat from a tutorial on Corvus Tristis.  I got the insignia by googling "hufflepuff badger" until I found something I could trace.  Oh, and I only wish I could claim I had something to do with the armor in the picture at the end, but I bought that … [Read more...]

The Idiotic Interfaith 9/11 Backlash

I know I promised a scifi vs fantasy post next, but I’m delaying it for one that is timely and a little more germane to this blog.A model of interfaith outreachToday, the hullabaloo over the exclusion of religious figures from New York City’s 9/11 memorial service made the front page of The New York Times. Scrolling through my ‘Religion’ folder in Google Reader, I’m still seeing post after post from Christians expressing outrage. Let me try to address some of the reactions … [Read more...]

Happy Labor Day!

People tend to be a little flip about the importance of unions every Labor Day.  I've already seen on facebook post by a friend saying "Happy Labor Day!  Celebrate with appropriate laziness!"  And sarcasm or condescension ("The unions used to be necessary, but we're past that now") is often the best the labor movement can hope for.  More often the reaction on the right is rage against the "job-killing unions."In fact, one of the best things you can say about the labor movement is that it has  … [Read more...]

Happy Birthday to Me

Best b-day present of the day (from Tristyn):(well, second best after the pumpkin bread my mom mailed me)But, either way, more data breakdowns tomorrow! … [Read more...]