7 Quick Takes (10/15/10)

--1-- Hands down, my favorite post in religious blogging this week was Julian Sanchez's post on the problem of an omnipotent God: Ned Resnikoff ponders the question. It seems to me that the answer is clearly “no,” but for a reason Ned doesn’t actually offer: It would require a good deal less than omnipotence to make a human perceptual system experience any demonstration of omnipotence you might care to suggest. So we might imagine God zipping you back to the dawn of creation so you can watch hi … [Read more...]

Mixed Salad and Separate Cultures

Still working on a paper, still making short, standalone posts.  Gevalt.This week, the New York Times Magazine supplement was entirely about food, and, although as a college student with a meal plan I am singularly uninterested in cooking, one of the articles caught my eye.  Food writer Frank Bruni tries to understand the success of the Basil Pizza and Wine Bar in a Hasidic neighborhood of New York City.Bruni marvels at the Basil's ability to attract Hasids, West Indian immigrant, and lib … [Read more...]

Chesterton’s Unlikely Heirs

Still trying to finish a paper, so again with the potpourri postsI've never heard a song by the band Insane Clown Posse, and, until yesterday, all I knew of them was that people who opened for them at concerts tended to be assaulted by their thuggish fans and that the duo's promotion of Faygo soda was discouraged by the owner of the brand.And then, I found out they were secret Christians.According to an interview in the Guardian, the two rappers are Evangelical Christians, and have … [Read more...]

Bubblegum Pop and Pop Religion

The series on immorality is still ongoing, and the next post will go up this evening.  But now for something completely different...Last night, the pop juggernaut/variety show/karaoke hour that is the TV show Glee decided get religion.  If you don't follow the show, the title of the episode "Grilled Cheesus" may give you a hint about the taste level of the show.In brief, one of the students makes a grilled cheese sandwich that appears to be imprinted with the face of Jesus.   He takes up … [Read more...]

Questions for an apologist?

Logos, a Christian magazine on campus is offering students the option to write in and have questions answered by Dr. Ravi Zacharias, an apologist and preacher.The deadline for sending in questions is tomorrow night, and I'm not sure what I want to ask.  I have plenty of questions about the internal coherence of Christianity, and I'm interested in the answers, but I'm not an atheist because I think some parts of Christianity are in tension with each other.  The internal consistency is only a p … [Read more...]

What Have Stupid People Ever Done to You?

Earlier this week, Bryan Caplan took elites to task for their hatred of the stupid and the ignorant.  He wrote: Out of all the reactions I've heard to Selfish Reasons to Have More Kids, the most disturbing are all variations on "Except stupid people. They shouldn't have kids." I could snark, "You mean people like you?," but that would be dishonest. The latter-day proponents of negative eugenics have reasonably high IQs. But their misanthropy is still morally and economically … [Read more...]

What I don’t defend about the Park51 Mosque

This past week, I twice wrote about the Cordoba/Park 51 mosque/community center at the Huffington post, both times hammering home the point that Rauf and his organization have a clear right to build two blocks away from Ground Zero. However, some people seem to have taken my support for property rights and my opposition to fear-mongering as evidence for an affinity for Islam, so I thought I would clarify.Jen, author of BlagHag, was visiting NYC this past week, and she made a point of … [Read more...]